Running a blog on your business website can have so many benefits! This doesn’t make coming up with new content each week any easier though. Between running the various aspects of your small business, and juggling day to day life, trying to find inspiration for your next post can fall to the bottom of your list.

Not to worry, we are here to help! Here are 10 blog post ideas to help with your content creation:


Share your Story

If you haven’t done so already, sharing the story of your business over one or more blog posts is a great source for content. Explore why you started your business, the motivations and goals you have, and perhaps any challenges you may have faced. Everyone loves an underdog story, and as a small business, you certainly have underdog status.

This will humanise your business, and show your authenticity – both important elements to consumers today.


New Product Launches or Service Updates

New products or updates are a great source of content. Perhaps your app has an update coming soon or you’re launching a new line of products? Mayne your best seller is getting an exciting refresh? Sharing this information with your customers is great to get them excited about the coming changes, and will encourage them to purchase your new releases.


Answer your FAQ’s

Every product or service will have questions from its customers, and more often than not, they tend to address something similar. Why not compile the most common of these into a post? This will help any new customers who may have the same questions, as they won’t have to go hunting for the answers they need.


Profile your Team Members

Customers are more likely to buy from a business they trust. A great way to build this trust is to add a human face to your business by profiling your team members. This is even more effective as a small business, as your customers will feel they know exactly who they are buying from.


Go Behind the Scenes

Why not share how your product is made or designed? Showcasing the operations (you can still keep some secrets) of your business will be of interest to your customers. It’s why shows like ‘How it’s made’ are so popular!


Share your insights and mistakes

A great way to give value to your customers is to share the wins and mistakes of your business. From your wins, they’ll be inspired, and see how you have overcome your obstacles and understand how they can do this themselves. Your mistakes will humanise your business, and show your customers how you’ve grown and evolved over time. They will be able to take these learnings and apply them to their own lives, or perhaps even their own business.


Reveal Industry Secrets

One thing people always to read about is inside secrets. Perhaps there are certain things in your industry – be it positive, or negative that you can shed some light on. If it’s something that manufacturers of a similar product are doing, this is a chance to add a point of difference between you and the competition.


Product Tips and Tricks

Another great source of content is tips and tricks on your customers can get even more out of your product or service. This could be a simple ‘how to’ piece, or offer ideas of new and interesting uses people may not have thought of already.


Shoutout Your Customers

Shouting out your loyal customers is a great way to build loyalty and simply say thank you! This could be a short interview of just a couple of questions or even something they write themselves! Make it all about them, but don’t forget to include something about why they love your products.


Listicle Content (like this one)

Content made of lists is easy to read, and engaging for your audience. The best part, however, is that you can write them about basically anything! They offer a chance for you to incorporate your product, share your opinions on something, or simply have some fun! Mixing up the content you publish is a great way to keep our customers engaged with your activity.


Final Thoughts

The best part about running a blog on your website is that you have control over what you write about. Should you ever get stuck for ideas, consult this post or reach out to your customers and ask what information they would like from you! They may want more information about you personally, your business, or anything else for that matter.

If you’re still coming up short on ideas though, we can help! Here at 99social, we offer affordable copywriting services from £25.

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