Social media has become a part of daily life not only for people who choose to use it on a personal level but also businesses in general, this even goes as far as big influencers preaching that if a business does not use any sort of social media, then they are automatically putting themselves in a worse position than anyone else.

But with social media comes challenges, like making sure that you keep your accounts safe and secure, so you don’t lose all the hard work and dedicated following you have attained. Here are 5 tips that we suggest you start to implement today to ensure that you keep your account safe.


Strong passwords

This is the first thing that a lot of people are going to try, so keep it as far away from what could be guessable to any sort of hacker that may be trying to gain access to your account. A lot of people convince themselves that a hacker would never try and go for them, but I promise you that they do and by using a strong password you are deterring them at the first hurdle.

Take note that when websites ask you to put an upper case, lower case, numbers and more that they are doing it because it will make it harder for anyone but you to access the account.


Limit access to the account

Following on from our first point, do not give full admin permission to anyone unless you are in a contract with them like they are your social media manager. People with admin access have complete control over your account and even delete the account, so don’t be giving this to anyone that isn’t contracted to have that permission. There are so many ways to allow people to do work that they need to do without having full admin permission.


Two-factor authentication

What this means is that it confirms a user’s identity by using two forms of ‘logging in’ so this could be a password and then a code that is sent to the user’s email address etc. This is just another way to use the information that is within the account to stop any unauthorized access.

This is a feature that if you are not currently using it then you need to start using it. It is one of the most effective ways to stop hackers from gaining access to your accounts. The extra hassle that it causes because you need to essentially confirm that it is you twice can be frustrating but worth it in the long run.


Storing information offline

Keeping all of your business information stored on the same computer is something that shouldn’t be done. The reasoning behind this is because if someone was to gain access to your computer, they gain access to all the information that they need. So, it is worthwhile to have any important information stored offline or with a management service.


Abusive and negative comments

You can put a system in place that if particular keywords are used, like swear words, that the comment is then flagged and needs to be reviewed before it can be put on your social media sites. This is great to ensure professionalism and keep your account safe.

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