Asking questions on social media is one of the easiest ways to create content and drive engagement with your followers! By opening the floor to your follows, you’ll build a community as your followers interact with one another. This will also build a connection between you the followers who participate as you’ll no longer be an account that just pushes content in their feeds, you’re an account that wants their input.

However, when put on the spot to come up with a question, sometimes even the best of us draw a blank.

Not to worry though, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find 50 questions that will spark a conversation amongst your followers:

General Questions:

  1. Who is your favourite blogger and why?
  2. What is a film that inspires you?
  3. What’s a book you’ve re-read?
  4. Who is your biggest inspiration?
  5. What’s one topic you wish you knew more about?
  6. What’s the next country you’d like to visit?
  7. What’s your favourite season?
  8. If you could rewatch one tv show with no memory of watching it before, what would it be?
  9. What’s your favourite thing about your job?
  10. What’s your favourite hobby?
  11. If you were an animal, which would you be?
  12. Where did you go to university?
  13. What’s your favourite city to visit?
  14. What was the best part of your day?
  15. If could only use one type of sauce for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Would you rather:

  1. Keep one, and go without the other in all its forms for the rest of your life: Bread or Potatoes (substitute with anything else)
  2. Would you rather have telekinesis or telepathy?
  3. Would you rather be in jail for five years or in a coma for a decade?
  4. Would you rather lose your sight or your memories?
  5. Would you rather have a personal maid or a personal chef?
  6. Would you rather hike a mountain or lay on a beach?
  7. Would you rather be 11 feet tall or 11 inches tall?
  8. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 30 duck-sized horses?
  9. Would you rather always be underdressed or always overdressed?
  10. Would you rather spend one night alone in a haunted house or 5 nights in a remote forest?
  11. Would you rather only be able to watch the top 5 IMDB TV shows or the top 10 IMDB films?
  12. Would you rather have the ability to swim like a fish or fly like a bird?


Fill in the blank:

  1. My last meal would be ___?
  2. My all-time favourite book is ___?
  3. My dream job is ___?
  4. My biggest fear is ___?
  5. I wish I could___?
  6. I’m most confident when ___?


Seasonal/Event-Based Questions:

  1. Who have you got in the big this evening? Team A or Team B (alter for the event).
  2. What would you like for Christmas this year?
  3. After Ramadan, I’ll be feasting on __?
  4. Would you rather only white chocolate, or only dark chocolate this Easter?
  5. My ultimate valentines day would be ___?


A or B:

  1. Comedy or action movies?
  2. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  3. Pepsi or Coke?
  4. Sleep in or Early riser?
  5. Scruncher or folder?
  6. Ski holiday or beach vacation?


Topic Specific:

  1. My biggest problem with X is ___?
  2. Do you know how to X?
  3. Have you tried X?
  4. Do you know the best way to X?
  5. How would you improve X?
  6. I wish I knew more about X?


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