A lot of businesses still remain unsure as to the reasons why emoji should be used in social media marketing.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s a great idea for a variety of reasons. Not only are emoji a universal language, but they can hugely boost your engagement levels and make your content appear much more relatable. If you’re still not convinced, then read on to discover the top 6 reasons why you should start making use of emoji in your social strategy today.


They have no language barrier

One of the most useful things about emoji is that they really are a language in and of themselves. They do not require a subscription to a language learning app and can be understood by just about anyone! Social media marketers are always looking for ways to appeal to a wide range of people from across the globe, and making good use of emoji is a fantastic way to do just that. Make sure you keep it simple and use familiar and easy to understand emoji and sequences – no obscure messaging!


They’re a great visual marketing method

The copy you use in your social media marketing is crucial to engaging an audience and building up a loyal following around your brand. But visual marketing methods are just as important in grabbing people’s attention and creating a solid brand image. Emoji are a great example of an effective visual marketing method. You can use just one or a few emoji to express a whole concept or idea that might take a few sentences of text to explain. This can also help when it comes to restricted word counts on socials – allowing you to fit in a larger amount of characters. Win-win!


They make you appear more relatable

Often brands struggle with trying to make their content appear relatable and appeal to mass audiences. If this sounds like you, consider that emoji can be a valuable tool in helping you to communicate with your clients in a much more casual and low-key manner. The reason why using emoji in your social media content comes across as more relatable is simply because this is how a lot of your audience will communicate themselves. After all, one of the best ways to engage people is to speak to them in their own language, and this is exactly what you can achieve through clever use of emoji.


They are engaging

Another great reason to make use of emoji in your social media marketing strategy? They engage people much more than other traditional marketing methods. These days attention spans are at an all-time low as the internet overflows with copious amounts of content by the minute. It has been shown that posts that make good use of emoji have a higher interaction rate than those that don’t. In fact, one study showed that the use of emoji increased engagement by 48% on Instagram! Try it out on your brands’ socials and watch your engagement levels skyrocket.


They enable you to communicate with millennials

Depending on your area of business, you may want to appeal to the younger generation. We’re talking of course about the social media generation, millennials and generation z. These guys consume social content like crazy, and if you’re not using emoji in your posts, you’re missing a trick with them. Not only are you much more likely to boost your general engagement figures on socials by using emoji, but you are also likely to see a huge rise in interest among these age groups. So if that sounds like something that your brand needs, get using those emoji ASAP!


They affect people’s brains in a positive way

On a deeper level, using emoji has actually been shown to affect the human psyche in a variety of incredibly interesting ways. As we touched on before, young people react especially positively to emoji. Younger people actually see the use of emoji as an easier and more understandable way of converting feelings into visuals. It has also been shown that the human brain reads emoji in a similar way to interacting with a real person. So if you use them in the right way, you can create a personal and positive image around your brand that people will feel connected to.


Emoji are an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can work wonders for your social media engagement levels! If you want to learn more about how to harness the power of the emoji, and much more, contact 99social today for affordable social media support.

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