Wondering how you can gain more followers on Pinterest? Sheesh! It’s quite easy and this guide will show you exactly how to, just stick around.

Pinterest is a place where you can find just about everything. Especially if you’re looking to get inspired about fashion, travel, food, DIY, they have it all.

With a platform like this, you can stay in touch with existing consumers, but it’s also gain new followers. Up to 70% of Pinners use Pinterest to discover new companies, and 78% find the content posted on the site beneficial.

Pinterest is the most popular purchasing site for millennials. If you know how to gain more followers on Pinterest, it’s a bonus for you because then you benefit even more.

Getting straight into it, here are 8 surefire ways to gain more followers on Pinterest


Discover the people that use Pinterest

When it comes to creating content for your profile, having a thorough understanding of Pinterest’s user base will help.

Women make up the bulk of Pinterest users. Men make up only 30% of its consumers, although that number is quickly rising.

For example in the United States, Pinterest reaches 83 percent of women aged 25 to 54. More than Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter combined. Millennials are the most engaged age group on Pinterest. Monthly, one in every two millennials visits Pinterest. These stats should be convincing enough.

Now that you know who uses Pinterest the most, post content that’s relevant to them and you’ll gain more followers.


Participate in the current craze

Browse the Popular feed to see what’s already performing well on Pinterest. Learn what you don’t know, look for commonalities, and think about how you may apply these concepts to your work.

You may re-Pin to one of your boards, following the user, or leaving a thoughtful comment when you come across great information. These strategies will boost the visibility of your brand on Pinterest.

However, be careful not to overdo it because if there are too many comments, they may be marked as spam. Instead, concentrate on penning a few genuine statements that go beyond one- or two-word responses such as nice or fantastic.


Post up to date and original content

Pinners use the site to look for new ideas, inspiration, and products, so see to it that your Pins are super fresh.

Pinterest advises highlighting any elements of uniqueness or newness to get others enthused about your ideas.


Beautiful images will help you stand out

The best-performing pins, according to Pinterest, have three characteristics: they’re beautiful, fascinating, and actionable. That is the order of events.

Because Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, make sure your photographs are appealing.

Here are a few Pinterest image suggestions

  • Only post photographs that are high-resolution and high-quality
  • Pinterest recommends using lifestyle photographs, which are more appealing than traditional product shots.
  • Try using a single Pin to display numerous goods. Pinterest has discovered that Pins with several products can appeal to a variety of tastes and pique people’s interests. To avoid being overwhelmed, stick to a four-product maximum per Pin.
  • Make sure your photographs aren’t too long or they’ll be cut off. 2:3 is the optimal aspect ratio (600px wide x 900px high).
  • Overly busy photos should be avoided.
  • Make a video! Short movies can stand out amid even the best photos if you have the tools.
  1. Keywords and hashtags that are relevant should be included.

Because Pinterest is essentially a search engine, your material should be search engine optimized. To appear in relevant searches, make sure your descriptions are keyword-rich and include relevant hashtags.


How to find the right hashtags

  • Make use of a guided search. Begin by typing a few keywords into Pinterest’s search field and noting the automatic suggestions that appear.
  • In the process of adding hashtags to your Pin descriptions, keep an eye on the hashtag suggestions and usage statistics.
  • Research for the most popular hashtags in your field


Consider the names of your Pinterest boards

There are ways to make boards more searchable. Try to make the names of your boards precise and adequately explain what they include.

Incorporate relevant hashtags in the description, as well as acceptable keywords in the board name and description. Look through the categories to discover where your board fits best if you’re not sure which one to place it in.


Use the Follow button

The Follow button makes it simple to keep up with your company. Install the button on your website, in newsletters, in email signatures, or anywhere else online where you think you’ll get a lot of attention.

You may also use the Pinterest P icon to boost your brand’s profile in other scenarios. Make sure to connect to Pinterest in your other social media profiles’ bios as well.


Create a Pinterest competition.

Create a competition with a Pinterest follows as an entrance criterion. Create a hashtag and a shareable image so that users may invite their friends to join. Before you begin, double-check that your rules of entry are clear and that you are following Pinterest’s contest guidelines.

Some Pinterest guidelines to keep in mind

  • People should not be forced to save a specific image.
  • Per person, don’t allow more than one entry.
  • Don’t indicate or suggest that Pinterest is sponsoring or endorsing anything.
  • Observe all applicable laws and regulations.


Bottom Line

Pinterest is one of, if not the most visually stimulating and inspirational social media platforms available, so make sure your material is up to par. It’s supposed to be fun and engaging, so make sure your photographs are high-quality, use relevant hashtags (search for them if you have to), create a contest/competition, participate in the craze and if there’s anything else you can add to make it more engaging, like a follow button, because that’s what it’s all about anyway.

You’ll be swimming in a pool of followers once you implement some, or all, of these strategies

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