Sometimes social media marketing can feel like a minefield for alcohol brands. On the one hand, you want to sell, sell, sell your products, but you also want to make sure you’re doing it in the most responsible way. Well trust us, it is possible to do both (and with great success!) With that thought in mind, keep on reading to discover our tried and tested tips to social media success for your alcohol brand.


Show what you have to offer

Making the most of your socials as an alcohol brand is all about raising your profile and demonstrating what it is that you have to offer over your competitors. As with any kind of marketing, first and foremost you need to promote your product. And with social media, you really need to make things eye-catching and punchy. What’s your USP? Whatever it is, you need to use your socials to really hone in on it in order to attract and keep the attention of your captive audience. Ensure you use a variety of different platforms to promote your drinks and post a variety of types of content from videos, to images, to text. Remember the more variety, the better. Regular, varied posts will ensure that you are taking advantage of those social media algorithms and will give you the best chance of success.

Show off your products regularly; professional photography always helps.


Share recipes

How about sharing some fun recipes that people can knock up themselves? Make your followers feel involved by giving them some free tips and tricks on how they can make great cocktails from the comfort of their own home. You could consider posting some short videos with eye-catching graphics on your Facebook and Instagram feeds to draw people in. Extra points if you can share something really original and inventive that showcases your alcohol brand in its best possible light. In your recipe posts, make sure to encourage your followers to share their versions of your creations and re-post them for that all-important extra exposure.


User-generated content

If you’re not making the most of user-generated content right now for your alcohol brand, then you’re missing out big time on some serious marketing gains. The benefits of this kind of marketing are twofold: firstly, you boost your engagement by involving people directly in your socials and secondly, you gain a whole load of free exposure from them. User-generated content also has the effect of appearing much more organic than more traditional methods, which appeals a lot to people in a world of hard-sell marketing. Some ideas for UCG for your alcohol brand include: asking people to send in pictures of them drinking your product, displaying your product or using it to make one of your cocktail recipes. Once you have done this, get re-posting and get the word out there!

Encouraging customers to create their own content – and sharing it – increases brand awareness and trust.


Behind the scenes content

One thing that gives people a real feel for your alcohol brand is giving them a taste of what goes on behind the scenes. This type of content lets people see how much work goes into producing your product and it has a great effect on building that all-important trust around your brand. Share with people what makes your process different from your rivals and what really sets you apart from the crowd. You could show the whole step-by-step process at the distillery for example, as well as giving a sneak peek into your marketing offices. Perhaps you could even share some ‘meet the team’ type content while you’re at it, which always goes down well on socials.

Customers love to see what goes on behind the scenes.


Do it the right way

Now to address the slightly more tedious but nonetheless very important advice concerning the legal side of things. Do remember that there are strict rules set out by the ASA, or the Advertising Standards Authority that dictate what you can and cannot do when it comes to marketing your alcohol brand on social media. Any breach of these rules could land you in legal hot water. However, don’t be disheartened – just ensure that you follow the rules to the letter and that you are incredibly stringent in only marketing your products to over 18’s. Remember, your content doesn’t have to break the rules to be engaging and effective!

Add an “always drink responsibly” tagline to your bio and ensure your content is restricted to over 18s.


The team at 99social is here to guide you through all of your social media marketing needs. If you need some affordable assistance with getting the word out there about your alcohol brand, get in touch with them today.

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