Are you looking for a better way to interact, connect and get in touch with your loved ones in a secure and private way? Yes? Awesome.

Connect Social is an Android/iOS app that does exactly that. It is a decentralized app that combines the sphere of social media with blockchain technologies to create a dedicated platform where individuals, businesses and influencers can connect and interact in a most secure way. With ConnectSocial, you can do all the things that Facebook users can do only that here you get rewarded for your posts.




Security and Reliability

Security has been a major concern for most social media users as they always desire to keep their personal information secure and private. This is not always the case with most social media platforms. ConnectSocial beats all norms by ensuring your data is kept secure, and no one can access them without your consent.


Create a social network


Through connect social platform, you can create your social network by interacting with your friends without any limits. You can create posts, share, comment, like, create events, share images and message and follow your friends and family either in groups or individually.


Be yourself

The social media is a platform that allows you to express yourself without any fear. You can post what you want, share videos and images with your friends and communicate what is on your mind without any fear of intimidation.



We all know how social media have been a platform for bullies in recent pasts. Well, this is not the case with ConnectSocial as it gives you the opportunity to keep all the bullies at bay. You can do this by moderating your feed, hide posts, disable comments and report any abuse or block people you are not comfortable around.


Ad-free platform

If you get pissed off with ads and would like to get rid of them, then get ConnectSocial. It is a completely ad-free platform that allows you to browse seamlessly without distractions.


What makes Connect Social stand out from other social media platforms is the fact that it prioritizes user security and safety. It knows how important your security and privacy is hence does everything possible to ensure user security. It aims to build an online community based on mutual respect where users can interact without fear of data tracking or piracy. It has succeeded in bringing people together from different parts of the world hence promoting peace and cohesion.

You can download ConnectSocial via Google Play or iTunes with your Android/iOS device and enjoy a 3-day free trial. With ConnectSocial, you get to enjoy benefits such high security, free from distractions and self-moderation. With all these, you should never think twice about getting paid apps.


Download on iTunes here, and Android here.

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