At 99social, we think it’s important to create custom graphics when you’re working on a new social media campaign.

Not only are images more likely to be shared and engaged with than links or text posts, but they look great and can boost your brand awareness.

Think of it this way – every time someone sees a graphic with your logo and branding on, they’ll be reminded of your business and will be more likely to buy from you when they need your products or services.

Below, we’ve put together an infographic to give you some simple guidelines for creating social media graphics that can stand out from the crowd. Let us know how you get on and share your social media graphics with us on @99socialUK.


Infographic: Tips for creating social media graphics


Use free graphic design tools

Utilising free tools can help you get ahead. Photoshop is expensive, and graphic designers charge at least £40 an hour for their work. Get to grips with free design tools like and make your own content – it won’t be perfect right away, but you’ll be able to learn as you go. It’s simple!


Copy off of competitors

See what’s working for other businesses. We’re not saying that you should copy and paste graphics and slap your own logo on, but you should look at competitors and their graphics for food for thought. Infographics might be doing well in your niche, or perhaps a more professional style works best?


Start using design templates

Starting a new social media graphic from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re not a natural designer. Find free editable templates online that can act as a starting point – you can jazz them up with your company colours and logo.


Post your graphics for everyone to see

You won’t know what works until you post. Creating custom graphics can be scary and you might be wondering whether they’re good enough to use. Bite the bullet and post them – you’ll see which perform best (you might discover that followers like bright colours, or more neutral tones, for example).


Don’t stop creating

Practice really does make perfect! You’re not going to become a graphic design whizz-kid overnight but with some hard work and patience, you’ll get there. Make sure you create something new every week, and as your confidence and eye for detail grow, your graphics will improve tenfold.

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