Easter is a great time of the year in the UK. Spring is in the air, the sun starts to make more of a regular appearance, the birds sing a little louder – more than anything it’s just nicer to be outside. So with Easter around the corner, how can you leverage this holiday to get some marketing magic for your business?

Normally easter is a time to get together with family, however, in 2021 things may be a little different.

What this means is it’s a perfect time for you to get creative with your channels! One of the most powerful things you can do with your social channels as a business is to connect with your customers.

This is more than simply getting their eyes on a screen, it’s about connecting your business to something in their mind – an idea, a task or in this case – an occasion. This connection creates association which, aside from presence in someone’s feed, keeps you front of mind. Easter presents a unique opportunity to create this moment with your customers on social!

So, with this in mind, let’s look at some ideas for posts you can use on your channels this easter. If you’re really looking for results, you can’t go wrong with affordable social media management – no one does it like the pros after all!


It’s time to get festive

Colour is an excellent place to start with social posts. Easter is synonymous with bright, pastel colours, so it might be worth considering incorporating a colour theme for a few posts in keeping with the holiday.

Even adding rabbit or egg images to regular posts can show the spirit of Easter without explicitly acknowledging it in a “Happy Easter” post for example.  (should that align more with your brand).

Especially on Instagram, a colour theme across posts can really make your account stand out! Think blue, yellow or pink in a pastel tone or perhaps go for brighter, springtime colours, don’t be afraid to get creative!


Consider a virtual Easter egg hunt

What is Easter most famous for? Easter Egg hunts! There are so many ways you can run a virtual hunt on your channel, plus, it’s an excellent way to get your audience and customers engaged with your content.

You could post a series of photos with easter eggs, bunnies or anything for that matter hidden in them – you could even extend this to your brand’s website. This can be done via video or a story if you’re feeling particularly creative.

To increase the engagement, encourage your followers to comment or direct message you with their answers. A good tip is to offer some incentive to engage, perhaps a unique discount code or prize for winning/participating in the hunt, depending on how you run things.

Pro Tip: Make sure your posts don’t stray too far from your usual content! While it’s great to share in the festivities, it’s important to keep consistent with your branding and typical posts. So don’t be afraid to have fun and get involved, just be sure to do it your way.


Focus on user-generated content

User-generated content does wonders for your channels. Word of mouth has always been the best form of promotion, and social media has become an extension of that.

To get your followers engaged at this time of year, you can run a competition with a hashtag. Asking your followers to post and tag you gets you in front of their audience organically, all the while engaging with your channels too! Asking them to share photos of their best bunny costume, home egg hunts, or some other activity.

Cadbury encourages customers to share their Creme Egg inventions online.

Get them to use your hashtag or tag your profile to participate! A competition or incentive here is a great way to get people involved! Be sure to consider your audience as well, think about an activity they’ll want to get involved in.


Connect with your followers

This is where you’ll really need to know your audience – social media management could really help here – and think outside the egg (pun intended). This is where you can have a real impact.

Consider how your product or business could slot into someone’s Easter long weekend and show them this.

You could approach this in two ways, show your audience yourself through your own content or invite them to do it for you (leveraging user-generated content). Remember, keep it authentic, you don’t want to force anything. If you can create this association, it brings your brand or business in front of mind at this time of year!

Perhaps incorporating your product into the family dinner, or some activity, even just enjoying a film – it’s all about that connection. You might even create some Easter inspo in the process!


So, with all these ideas, the most important thing is to be authentic. Coming across as tokenistic is not the goal, so try not to post for posting’s sake. Think about your audience and celebrate Easter with them rather than for them. Keep this in mind and you’ll always be on track! Should you want further help and insights, why not get in touch with us?  Oh, and before we forget, Happy Easter! 

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