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At 99social, we’re passionate about doing a great job at a good price.

That often means we have to cut out the frills – we don’t have a fancy office, we don’t meet our clients face to face, and we don’t use payment vendors that charge over the odds for handling clients’ invoices.

Our £99 per month social media package is cheap, but once you’ve factored in the cost of our time, tax, and software licenses, margins can be tight.

So when certain payment vendors (like the popular one that begins with Pay and ends in Pal) charges us £5 to handle each client transaction every month, our profit margins start to wither.

At the start of 2019, we decided that enough was enough – U.S payment firms are squeezing small business owners, and we went off on a mission to find a cheaper, better alternative.

By working with the brilliant team at GoCardless to accept Direct Debit payments, we can save money on invoicing and admin, and pay as little as 50p per transaction. That’s ten times less than the next major payment vendor.

You can sign up to GoCardless with a personal bank account or a business bank account, and your details are encrypted. We don’t get to see your account number – we just let GoCardless process a monthly transaction.

We don’t have to send an invoice every month – payments will be automatically taken on the same day every month unless/until you choose to leave 99social or change your package. Just let us know before payment day.

It’s simple and hassle-free for you and for us and ensures we can deliver a consistent service.

For clients outside of the United Kingdom, we have alternative payment methods in place.

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