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We allow businesses and marketing agencies to resell our packages and outsource the work to us. Our plans start from £99 per month and include daily posts on Twitter and Facebook and weekly posts on either Instagram or LinkedIn.

Our £199/mo plan includes daily content on all four networks – a better option for growing businesses looking to increase their digital presence. Find out more on our homepage.

You’re free to charge whatever you like – most resellers add £100/200 to each plan, making them a tidy profit for very little work or time. We’re flexible, too, so if you have a client who only has a Twitter and Facebook but no Instagram, we can tailor a package to their needs.

Please note we do not offer discounts – the lowest price you’ll pay is £99/month/client.

There is no sign-up involved – we offer monthly rolling plans, and you’ll be invoiced in advance for any work we do.

You’ll pay via Direct Debit once per month, and unless we hear from you before the end of the month, you’ll enter a 30-day rolling monthly contract with payments taken on the same date every month.

Simply get in touch when you have a client ready, we’ll see you a list of questions to pass on, and once we’ve got the information and assets (their logo, branding, etc), we’ll start creating daily content on social media.

All packages are white label – your clients won’t know it’s us working on their accounts, and we’ll send you an unbranded report at the end of each month to pass on to your client.

If you’d like us to sign an NDA, no problem. Just get in touch!

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