We offer a fully white-labeled service, designed to help you resell our services to your clients without the hassle and hard work.

Every touchpoint has been reviewed to ensure your clients cannot trace our work back to 99social.

Your marketing agency’s integrity is important to us, and we wouldn’t do anything to compromise that or the relationship we build with resellers.

You’ll receive an unbranded report to send back to your clients once per month, updating them on the progress of our work. Some resellers prefer to export the data themselves and create their own custom branded reports – we’re happy either way. Whatever works for you!

During the sign-up process, we’ll need your clients to give us login details for their accounts and make one of our social media managers an admin or editor on Facebook. You can do this for them. None of our social media managers reference 99social on their profiles – added peace of mind for you.

However, if you’d like us to handle client inquiries and support, feel free to make an email for us to use – something like social@yourbusiness.com, and we can take it from there.

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