So you started your own Social media marketing company, congratulations on that! It’s not every day that you see someone succeed at starting up their own business and maintaining it.

In this world marked by endless competition, you need to get your business to the top. How will you be doing that? Finding more clients for your social media marketing company is what will get your business to the top and be able to maintain that position.

Of course, If you already have about 25 clients, it’s arguably difficult to get 50 more clients, however, it’s not impossible. Yes, like we said it’s going to be a rough journey but at the same time will be rewarding.

You’ll only face the challenge of figuring out how to expand your business while maintaining a high level of care for your current clients.

However, before you think about gaining new clients, ask yourself these questions.

Do I still remember why I started a social media marketing company?

Who is the ideal client for me?

What kind of services do I offer?

Is my agency any different than the others?

How do my rates and service stack up against those of my competitors?

Here are some strategies you can use to find more clients for your social media marketing agency.


Interact with other digital Marketing potential customers.

We bet you that if you right now landed your hands-on a random digital marketing plan, it will most likely include social media, yet most social media marketing firms fall short on the “social” part. Instead, they spend a lot of time creating their stuff, but very little time sharing, commenting, or interacting with others online.

Don’t be like the rest. You want more clients, then start identifying some of the companies with which you’d like to collaborate with. Take time to follow them back on social media and occasionally comment on their postings. You don’t need much, just a few comments here and there on their posts per week can make a big difference.

This interaction will earn you a “notice” by that company eially if it’s a small company with an owner or manager who handles their social media. Once they get to know you van make a cold call and after this, you don’t be s stranger anymore.


Leave your desk and move out

A lot of digital marketers spend their days typing away behind a computer every single day. Yes, it’s required of you but, have you thought about what it could do for your business if you step right out of your desk and into the real world?

You only need to start attending events such as business expos and trade exhibits which give networking opportunities. Here you can become well known in the digital marketing community and earn yourself more clients. Likewise, the people your network with will most likely return the favor by telling others about you.

For your company, the appropriate conference or trade show may be a game-changer. So go on and attend most of those meetups, conferences, and trade shows you’ve been hearing about you just never know what will come out of it.


Make Your Portfolio a Priority

You sing all day to potential clients about how wonderful you are at your job all day, but they still won’t believe you until they see it for themselves. Your portfolio is the proof they need to see if you want to learn how to attract digital marketing clients. Your team’s prominent digital marketing qualifications may also be persuasive

Your online portfolio must first demonstrate variety. Clients want to know if you can capture their voice, therefore you must demonstrate your ability to do so by exhibiting a diverse selection of brands you’ve already mastered.

It should also be able to show the kind of work you want to pull in. For example, if you want more clients in the fashion industry, prioritize your work for past fashion clients on your portfolio. Other companies will be able to see that you are knowledgeable in their field.


Invite clients to a free social media training session.

We all need help with our social media marketing, and the main challenge is our start-up agencies being viewed as the expert.

Create a series of speeches that you may deliver to your target clients via the internet. The plan is for the first talk to be a free sample session. To host your first session, use a provider like GoToWebinar or Google Hangouts. Remember to make it as simple as possible for people to sign up.


Talk to your friends and family

Your family and friends should know you’ve taken the plunge and started your own social media agency. You’ll be astonished at how much help you’ll get and how many connections you’ll be able to create thanks to your immediate network!

Remember that you must have a credible story to achieve buy-in. Your future clientele must have believed that you can provide exceptional service.  So you must have a unique selling point. Something that makes you better than the other agency that’s just next door.


Use LinkedIn to get more clients

Because LinkedIn is the ultimate relationship-building medium, it is extremely effective. You only need a thorough, professional-looking profile and a daily LinkedIn lead generating plan in place. You could start finding your potential clients in as little as 15 minutes per day (depending on your industry and goals).

Lead generation on LinkedIn can help you get started as you plan on how to reach clients. Will it be through sending to them thank you messages or relationship-building messages through sharing articles, blog posts, videos, eBooks, and case studies?

Bottom Line

The search for fresh strategies to gain more clients and expand your business is never-ending. It’s consistency that will get you there. In addition, the procedures outlined in this article will assist many agencies in establishing a firm foundation on which to attract new and more clients to expand their business.

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