If you have a blog, you’ve probably realised by now that it takes a lot of time. Between sourcing topics, research, writing, editing, proofing and publishing, there is a lot to do.

So, if you’re using your blog as one part of your social strategy and content plan, you may find yourself with less time to focus on your other platforms.

Not to worry, we have a solution. Not only will we show you how you can continue blogging, but also how you can turn that one piece of content into many smaller pieces of content later down the line.

Below, we will explain how to repurpose your website blogs into social media content.

Start at the begging

The first step is to look at your blog content. If you’re writing short pieces on a specific topic, around 500 words or less, you’ll struggle to get many pieces of content out of it. If possible, try to lengthen your posts, even if it’s up to 1000 words. This will simply give you more material to work with and in turn, the chance to create more pieces of content on other platforms.

The next step is to change how you structure your blogs. If you break the piece down into smaller chunks, under subheadings or questions, it makes it easier to break apart. Writing in this way will also improve your overall SEO, which will see your posts ranking higher on web searches.

Now you know how to enhance your blog posts, let’s break down how you can repurpose your content for various social media platforms.


Instagram and Facebook

Instagram offers one of the widest ranges of content options, making it ideal for repurposing your blog content.

The first, and most obvious suggestion, is to simply share your blog. This could be through an account made for the blog, or through a post or story on your personal account. You can do this on any of the other platforms we will mention in this post, so we won’t mention it under the other platforms.

One way to repurpose your blog content is to take a specific quote or headline and create an image tile. It could be as simple as a font on a coloured background. Try to select a quote that is particularly ey catching so it will draw attention. In the caption, offer some context for the quote and then encourage readers to visit the blog to find out more. As an example of you can pull different quotes from your blog, you’ll have 5 posts you can share in this fashion.

Another suggestion is to make a video, for IGTV as an example. You could take an exert from the piece and simply recite it, in response to a clear question or headline prompt. This will add a new dimension to the content, which you can then encourage people to visit the blog for more on the topic.

A live Q&A is another way to extend the life of your content. Invite your readers to ask you questions about the blog, so they can engage with the piece further. This format allows you to expand on your ideas, without having to create anything new. You simply need to answer questions!



This is one of the harder platforms to repurpose blogs onto thanks to its character count. Twitter is typically used for short, sharp, pieces of information. However, there is something you can learn from news outlets and how they use twitter.

Typically, a news organisation will use a single quote or headline to hook a reader and then encourage them to find out more by clicking a link to the full story. You can copy this formula to drive people to your blog.

Take snippets – such as a subject line, headline, or quote, and share them in a tweet. Use a URL snipping tool to shorten the link (saves valuable characters) and share with your followers. You can also include images or gifs to catch someone’s eye.



Since YouTube is all about video, you’ll need to change your strategy here. Depending on how you write, your blog can double as a script. Use your persona to bring your words to life and publish this video on youtube.

If you’re not so confident in front of the camera, you can always create a video with relevant footage or infographics.

You could also create a short video summarising the content that encourages viewers to visit the blog for more depth on the topic. Treat these videos like a trailer and make your viewers hungry for more. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Final Thoughts

These suggestions are only scraping the surface, as there is so much you can do with one piece of content.

If you’re uncertain of more ways you can take your content to a wider audience, or you simply want the help of a pro, we can help.

At 99social we offer cheap social media management from as little as £99 per month.

Get in touch today to find out more, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for social media news, tips and advice.

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