One of the most common reasons that can stop a business from investing in a blog is time. It’s easy to understand why. Many social media channels are quick and easy – post a photo or two, type out 200 characters with a link, hashtag, hashtag; content sorted.

Blogs, however, are longer and require some time to write them, as well as any research that may need to be done. This can be especially challenging for small businesses with limited resources for their marketing activity. Blogs are not only amazing tools for growing your business, but they also provide a rich supply of content for future social media posts.

Here is how you can turn in one blog post into countless social media posts across your different channels:

Create Infographics with Key Points

A well-written blog needs clear headings and subheadings for two reasons; Firstly, it lays out the content clearly for readers. Secondly, it improves the SEO score of content, causing it to perform better in search.

There is also a third reason; to create other pieces of content. Using the heading and subheading, you can create an infographic that briefly summarises the key points of the blog. This will not only be engaging but will also pique the interest of your audience who may wish to learn more. Share the image on any of your channels that are image friendly (basically all of them) and include a link to the blog post for those wanting more depth. To increase your traffic, include an enticing call to action in your post, along with any relevant hashtags.


Create Tiles with Quotes

With all the time and effort you spent, researching, writing, and proofing your blog post, there are bound to be some great quotes throughout the copy. For a quick social post, you can extract one of these quotes and create a simple tile with an on-brand font and colour. This can be posted on almost any channel and shared on your stories.

With your posts, add a small caption for context and include a link to the blog posts so readers can find out more!


Use the Post as a Video Script

Depending on your writing style, you may be able to have some use the blog post as a script. If the post is too long for a single video (try to keep it between 2-5 minutes, depending on the channel), you can break it up into multiple videos and get even more pieces of content. If you can’t read the exact text, a few minor tweaks should make it perfect for video.

This can be done with someone speaking to a camera, or, you can do a voice recording over stock images and footage. This will take slightly longer than the images of course, but a video is one of the most engaging forms of content and can be used across various channels as well as your website.


Use the Post for a Podcast

Podcasts seem to grow more popular by the day and cover almost every topic or subject imaginable. The key to success is finding your audience. If you’ve got an effective social media strategy, however, chances are you’ve found your audience already.

In a similar fashion to the videos mentioned earlier, your blog post could also act as a script for a podcast. Simply record, publish, and share the episode across your channels. Simply sharing the podcast will be one post, but you can then break the audio into smaller clips, which can be shared as their own posts to promote the podcast and the blog.


Use the Post for a Webinar/Live Q&A

Perhaps your blog post has raised a lot of questions? Or, as is often the case, you’ve covered a topic briefly, and there is more room for depth.

Why not post a video in which you explain the entire concept or smaller videos that tackle individual aspects on your channels? Your blog post will serve as the inspiration for these clips, and lead to more pieces of content for your channels.

Alternatively, you can host a Q&A where the author of your blog or someone else from your business can answer questions about the content of the post, and the topic in general.

Both of these methods will demonstrate the knowledge of your business, in turn building your reputation and trust in your brand.


Incorporate them into Stories

One great thing about the story function is that you can use it to share your most recent posts – meaning you get two pieces of content for the price of one. Any of the above pieces of content can be easily shared with your story, which will increase the engagement of each post.

Plus, the use of stories humanises your brand. It creates the appearance that you’re a member of the online community, rather than another company simply trying to their goods.


Final Thoughts

The ideas mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to repurposing your blogs. As you can clearly see, just one blog can be used to create a week’s worth of content – making it well worth the time and energy. However, this doesn’t remove the time factor for everyone. If this sounds like you – we can help. Here at 99social, we offer packages for as little as £99 per month, that include blog content as well, as well as all other social content. High-quality content that doesn’t break the bank – what have you got to lose?

So, to see what the power of social media can do for your business, drop us a line today!

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