LinkedIn is a popular professional social networking site for business owners looking to network. This social platform has over 1million publishers contributing content of more than 130,000 weekly.

Most of the people who publish or participate on this B2B social networking platform are readers are company managers, VPs, CEOs, or other senior management.

LinkedIn is a great place to cultivate an engaged audience and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. It’s also a chance to tell potential new clients and recruits about your company’s culture.

Because it is a business-to-business (B2B) medium, social media is unique. However, because of LinkedIn’s corporate focus, beginners are often unclear about how to post and participate on the platform.

As a solution, We’ll show you some post ideas that perform well on the platform. We’ll also reveal some insider secrets about what doesn’t work, as well as some pointers on how to make your work stand out.


Blog posts

Sharing your blog entries on LinkedIn is a fantastic method to expand your audience, raise brand awareness, and generate conversation. Knowing who your audience is and what they want will assist you in learning how to write a blog article that they will like reading.

From then on you can choose the type of content you want to share with your audience and the objectives you want to achieve.

When posting blog content to LinkedIn, make sure you include the following:

Begin the post with a personal remark and catchy title to catch the attention of your audience.

TinyURL, Bitly, Clickmeter among other apps which can be used to shorten the URL.

Be sure to add images or visuals

Promote articles on LinkedIn to expand the reach of your blog.

Revise before you upload


Share Research-based studies

Because LinkedIn is a business-to-business platform most members will most actively seek out industry-related material. For this reason, the LinkedIn platform has become an excellent forum for exchanging case studies, reports, and whitepapers based on research.

You can’t go wrong with this because most LinkedIn users are always looking for industry-related posts, news, and updates. By doing this, Your company’s LinkedIn page might become a go-to source for that information if you share them.


Share Quick Tip posts

On LinkedIn, it benefits to write simple pieces with leadership ideas, and methods, and processes. Why, majority readers are company managers, VPs, CEOs, or other senior management. So pieces based on leadership will certainly perform well. Keep your ideas focused on themes that promote productivity, leadership, and professional success, as this is a professional network.


Celebrating company successes and anniversaries.

Give your LinkedIn connections a behind-the-scenes peek into what’s happening in your organization. It’s okay to brag about your companies achievements because it’s not easy achieving them anyway. So go ahead and post the photos with catch captions or full stories if you like. Also, use it as a thank you opportunity to your fans and consumers for assisting you in achieving your objectives.


Books, movies & sports

During your life journey have you maybe watched a game that taught you a valuable lesson? Maybe you got a new viewpoint after watching a movie or listening to a podcast? Is there any book that shifted your perspective? Your connects would sure love to hear your stories regarding this, maybe they can relate.

However, don’t just post these stories, tell people what they taught you(life lesson) and what you think people should pick from them.


Product launches and feature enhancements

Keep your customers informed about the most recent and greatest features of your products or services. Then, as a second step, discuss recommended practices for using them.


Personal life experiences (especially failures)

Share your personal life experiences with your audience, whether you failed a test, a job, or a business. When you become more vulnerable, your audience begins to trust you and pay close attention to you.

Quit worrying about how embarrassed you’ll feel when clients and employees read your life experience. You may be surprised by what your story sparks in someone. We’ve all experienced failure and rejection at some point in our lives. You make yourself personable to your audience by sharing your experiences.

Don’t just make anything up. There are alternative content ideas if you didn’t fail or can’t recall any real-life experience. Make sure your stuff is genuine.


Frequently asked questions, concerns, and issues

Like it is for most people your consumers or connections must have a variety of questions and issues that remain unanswered. Popular platforms like If  Quora have become pros at this. You may notice people asking questions and seeking answers. Answer their questions and solve their problems with your LinkedIn posts. Don’t try to sell your product as a panacea.

When you use your content to address people’s problems, they take notice and consider you as an expert in your field


Memes and sarcastic posts

Indeed LinkedIn is a professional networking site. However, sharing memes or caustic posts now and then does the soul some good. It creates a pleasant and energetic environment in which people can be themselves.

Create funny moments using a GIF to accompany a smart, funny post copy, or compose a one-liner snarky post. People will share it if they find it relatable, and your post will gain many views.


Concepts like leadership, team-building, marketing, and sales

Leadership, team development, marketing, sales, and finance are topics that apply to everyone, regardless of their expertise or sector.

Give useful advice that will assist other entrepreneurs and founders improve their working methods and team management.


Bottom Line

There are many post ideas for entrepreneurs and business owners to share on LinkedIn, but the material must be relevant to your audience and innovative, as we’ve covered. With the tips above, you may stand out and become one of the most sought-after people on LinkedIn because of your content, rather than just another stranger with a LinkedIn account.

In addition, don’t forget to learn about LinkedIn’s features and how to use them for content marketing. Your job will be much easier.

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