Get more out of 99social

Try as we might, we’re not magicians just yet! 

Working with 99social is a great way to keep your social media accounts ticking over with fresh, engaging content, helping you to build an audience, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site – but we’re unlikely to change the fortunes of your business overnight.

Social media takes time and hard work, and whilst we do everything we can to grow your accounts and deliver a return on your investment, there are a few things you can be doing to complement our work and ensure you’re reaching as many potential customers as possible.

Invite people to like your page

The chances are you’ve got hundreds of friends on Facebook, so use it to your advantage and invite people to like your page. On Facebook, use a Google Chrome plugin to invite all of your friends at once, which is great if you’re too busy to send requests one by one. On other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you can invite people to like your page through an email campaign, on your website, and by importing your contacts lists to follow/add them first.

Follow potential customers

Whether you run a bakery or a bank, follow potential customers who might be interested in your products and services. On Twitter and Instagram, you can save searches for relevant terms (for example, catering in London) that you can check up on every few weeks and then follow people who have been posting about needing your services, and on LinkedIn, you can use the Search tool to find leads – invite them and they’ll then see the posts you share on your Profile, increasing brand awareness immediately.

(Note: we offer this as an add-on, priced at £35/hour + VAT)

Share fresh content with us

Although we pride ourselves on sourcing content from your website and the media, fresh and engaging content from your team is a great way to break up graphics and news posts. Many of our clients share us into Dropbox or Google Drive folders and add new images and videos that we can use on Instagram and other social networks. Make a habit of taking pictures and videos when you’re delivering an order, celebrating a birthday, or launching a new product or range – the more original content we have to post, the better your social channels will look!

Give us feedback on our posts

Are we focusing too much on a line you’re about to discontinue? Do you have a product or service you really want to push? Are you attending an event in the coming weeks? Let us know – and give us feedback on our posts so we can improve and ensure we’re posting the kinds of content you’d want to post yourself. The more feedback we get, the better we’ll serve your needs – after all, you know your business and your audience better than anyone!

Add your own posts on top

We encourage our clients to post content on social media whenever they want, on top of the work we’re doing. Whether you’ve had a delivery of new stock, want to celebrate a milestone or you’re pushing a special offer, post, post, post, or drop us an email or WhatsApp and we’ll do it on your behalf. If you’re attending an event and want us to be quiet for a day, that’s fine too – just let us know and we’ll pause any scheduled content so that the floor’s all yours!

Experiment with paid advertising

We don’t offer paid advertising management (like Facebook Ads) because the majority of our clients operate on tight marketing budgets, and we think organic social is the better option long-term. However, we encourage clients to run their own paid ad campaigns on top of the organic social media work we’re doing as, when used effectively, paid social media advertising is a great way to grow your audience size and spread the word about your brand. If you don’t know where to start, boost one of our posts to expand its reach, or drop us an email and we’ll share some useful pointers on setting up a paid ad campaign on Facebook.

Ask us to organise a giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to spread the word about your products and find new followers on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. From past experience, we find that Facebook is the best social platform for giveaways, because likes, tagging and shares mean posts can spread like wildfire and significantly increase your like count in a week or two. We’re happy to manage a giveaway on your behalf and create a custom graphic to help you stand out (a small paid ads budget to kick start the giveaway can also help. You’ll need to manage this from your side, but we can walk you through the basics and ensure you’re reaching the right people).

Create more original content

The more original content you have, the more we have to share on social media. Take a look at your site and look for ways to pad things out, add more information or offer more value to your visitors. The more content, the better – not only for social media but also for your site’s search engine optimisation. Research shows that followers are more likely to click on a link to a blog post than a directly promotional post. We offer content writing from just £35+VAT per 500-word blog post, so drop us a message if your blog is looking a little worse for wear and we’ll craft some SEO-optimised content that can also be repurposed for social media posts, driving more traffic to your website from social and helping you to rank higher on Google.

Upgrade your package

Our £99+VAT per month package is a great starting point, but if you’re looking to get more out of your social campaign, consider upgrading your package. Not only do our higher packages include more posts per week and custom graphics and video content, but they give us more time to strategise and to follow people we think would be interested in following you back on social media. Many clients start off on our Basic package and then upgrade further down the line – drop us a message if you’re ready to take your brand’s social media to the next level!

Any questions? 🤔 We’re always on hand to help!

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