When it comes to offering social media management as a service, sometimes even you might need some help.

The opportunity might arise whereby you can outsource the social media of a client to another agency. If you choose to do that, though, we recommend that you focus on what we would call the ‘four pillars’ of progress.

If you wish to outsource client contracts to a third party, it is highly recommended that you look to focus on the following points of order to ensure the success of your time together.

Good communication is essential

Make sure that you stay in constant communications with the company that you choose to outsource to. This is very important because good communication becomes essential to make sure the project is going ahead as planned.

You want to stay in regular discussion because it allows you to ensure that the project is progressing as planned. It also means that any problems that arise can be quickly corrected, avoiding further mistakes that might jeopardise the success of your project in the long run.

So, if you want to outsource your social media contract, ensure it is to a transparent, responsive agency.


Always include the key briefs

Since you are outsourcing the project, it is upon you to deliver the marketing materials needed to make this work. This means you should spend time creating a detailed brief that can more or less make the marketing as automated as can be.

This is vital because you need to ensure the brief makes sense and delivers all the facts needed to make the project a success. However, be sure to supply all of the right graphics, logos, typography, and stat packs so the agency has the easiest job possible.


Make sure you’re responsive

If the agency gets in touch with you – or the client does – you should be ready to respond as quickly as is possible. Being responsive and being quick to get involved is highly important because responsiveness helps to solve problems quickly.

Make sure you, or someone in your team, is ready to answer questions and queries regarding the project immediately. The sooner you can respond, the quicker you can solve problems and ensure that the issues that might have limited the success of your social media outsourcing can be quickly solved.


Create a priority list of services/products to push

Naturally, your client should give you a list of the projects and services that they most wish to push in the future. It is your job then to help create that priority listing so that the agency you outsource to can fully understand what you are looking for.

Always brief the agency on the products and/or services that your own client wishes to prioritise when it comes to marketing. This can deliver a much swifter, simpler experience that is sure to leave you with a clear list of priorities. This helps to avoid needless mistakes and focuses the marketing on the products/services your client sees as a priority.


Focus on the above, and you can find it much easier to really build a clear social media directive that pays off in the weeks, months, and years to come. When outsourcing social media projects from one client to an agency, always ensure you can guarantee the above for the best results. Find out more about our white-label social media management here. 

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