As a small business owner, you’ll no doubt always be looking for new ways to promote your business and generate more income.

While digital marketing (social media, pay-per-click, content marketing and search engine optimisation) have grown in popularity in recent years, ‘traditional’ marketing methods like print media remain effective.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the differences, and explain why social and print media should both be part of your marketing mix.


Social media is instantaneous

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of social media is the fact that you can send out a marketing message and have it delivered to thousands of users in only a couple of seconds.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be used to tell your customers about special offers, new products or information about your physical stores, whereas printed media would require a distribution company to have the same reach in a limited period.

Because of this, so many small businesses are taking advantage of affordable social media management offered at 99social.


Print media puts your brand in people’s hands

While social media is great for spreading news fast, printing leaflets or flyers to promote your business can actually be more effective, as it allows you to put your brand in people’s hands.

On social media, it’s easy to scroll past a tweet about a sales on an ecommerce website, whereas with a leaflet posted through your door, it’s harder to ignore and you’re more likely to pick it up and read the information.

That’s why companies that offer poster printing in London are more popular than ever, as businesses are beginning to understand that a digital marketing strategy on its own won’t be enough to get customers to buy their products and invest in their brands.


Social media connects you to new people

Another major benefit of social media is the fact that you can connect to new people in a matter of seconds.

By running a social media competition or paying for social media advertising, you can gain new followers and promote your business to new people. With printed media, on the other hand, it takes time to design a leaflet, send it to be printed and deliver it in the most appropriate catchment areas.

With social media, you can effectively find new customers in a matter of minutes, and they can share their purchases with friends online to further expand your reach.

This becomes even more of a success when you experiment with social growth hacking.


Printed materials can be more cost-effective

While social media may be free to use, effectively running a social media campaign that boosts your conversions and generates sales is often more challenging.

Because of this, many businesses pay for social media advertising to spread the word about their services or even use a social media management company to run their campaigns for them.

With printed media, on the other hand, you can have leaflets and professional materials designed and printed with the same day poster printing in London offered by Print in London.

And as soon as you have your materials printed, you’re free to promote your business in any way you want; sticking posters on walls, posting leaflets through doors or giving away marketing materials at events.

It’s a cheaper and more cost-effective method of promoting your business and remains incredibly effective.


There you have it. Combining social media marketing with print media marketing will allow you to reach more people and take your business to the next level. Best of luck with your campaign!

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