If you run the social media pages for a retail firm, you will know that the competition is incredibly fierce right now, and it’s only getting stronger by the day. For this reason, you really need to be able to set yourself apart from other retail businesses in the game.

This includes being proactive, regularly posting new and interesting content and making the most of promotions. On top of all that you also need to show a human side to your business in order to really build up a loyal community around your brand and increase the trust in your firm.

All starting to sound a bit daunting? No, worries, we’re here to explain the basics and get you off to a great start with nailing your retail firms’ socials, so keep on reading.


Always promote new in

It might seem like an obvious one, but keeping your brand fresh in people’s minds is crucial. With a whole host of retail businesses competing against each other online, you have to be at the top of your game at all times. Keep yourself at the top of your followers’ feeds by teasing all your new releases and make sure you keep these types of posts both consistent and regular.

One of the key things to consider when updating people on your new lines is to ensure that you have created easy ways for your followers be instantly taken to your online shop to purchase. After all, you want to be able to convert your social media followers into direct sales. Think about it: if someone sees an item of yours on a post, but has to click off and find your site for themselves, you may just lose them somewhere along the way.

Let customers know what’s new in-store to get them to return.


Sales always sell!

It goes without saying that as a retail business regular sales, promotions and offers are a great way of driving up revenue. But they are also a fantastic way to drive up engagement on your social media, which in turn will grow your brand to new levels.

The great thing about promotions on socials is that you can really encourage people to directly engage with your brand. For example, try asking people to follow you and like one of your posts to receive a secret discount code. Not only does this make your customers feel special, but it also increases your reach on socials and really spreads the word about your brand.

Just make sure you use offers carefully and don’t overdo it. A great option to have up your sleeve is the limited time offer. People are much more likely to click ‘buy’ when they’re worried that they’ll have missed the offer if they wait until tomorrow!

Promote your special offers and limited-time discounts to increase footfall.


Make the most of user-generated content

When it comes to promoting your products in the social media sphere, user-generated content is one of the most effective short and long-term marketing methods out there. Not only do you create a community around your brand by asking your followers to post with your products, but you also show people that real people use and love your items.

Creating that sense of trust is crucial for a retail brand as it will likely be at least one of the reasons that someone will choose your company over another. This type of content also helps to grow your social media and increase its reach as your followers share your items with all of their social contacts.

This retail store encourages customers to share posts on Instagram.


Show a sense of social responsibility

Another way in which you can set your retail business apart from the crowd is to show people your core values and ethics. Increasingly consumers are expecting brands to demonstrate more and more social responsibility, so being able to show what your retail business stands for is a great marketing move.

Social media is a great place to start to introduce the culture of your brand by showing support for certain charities, for example, or posting about fund-raising for causes that you believe in. This can serve your retail brand in a number of ways: it shows people that you care about important causes and it also draws in attention from potential new clients that share the same values as you.

partnering with a charity is a great way to show your business cares about its social responsibility.


Standing out and making a tangible impact as a retail brand on social media is certainly no mean feat! Never fear, as the team at 99social is here to offer expert, affordable social media management for retail businesses like yours. Get in touch for a quote.

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