Often people are led to believe that social media is only suitable for certain types of businesses, preventing them from trying to market their business in this way. However, there is absolutely a place for the pharmaceutical industry within the social media circuit.

The key to achieving social media success for pharmaceutical-based businesses is to 1. know your audience, 2. stay relevant and 3. remain accessible. With that in mind, keep on reading to discover some super helpful social media post ideas to get your pharmaceutical business thriving in the social sphere.


Share expert health advice

It goes without saying that the online space is absolutely jam-packed full of all sorts of health advice. The issue that exists for the consumers of this advice is that with so much out there, it’s hard to know who to trust and exactly what to believe. There is an abundance of advice which is unsubstantiated or inaccurate and people simply don’t have the time to sort through it all to find the genuine science-based stuff. Bearing that in mind, a fantastic way for you to grow your presence online as a pharmaceutical company is to provide people with trusted, tried and true health advice. Make sure that you present it in an accessible and digestible way, and your followers will thank you for it. Infographics are your friend here, as they are a fantastic way to dispense information in an easy to digest format.

This pharmacy worked with Dr. Alex to share summer healthcare tips.


Give people options

This may seem like a simple one, but make sure you let people know all the various methods of collecting their medicine that are available to them. People have increasingly busy schedules these days and anything that can simplify someone’s day in some way or another will be welcomed with open arms! You could consider scheduling this type of post at regular intervals to make sure people are regularly reminded of the options that are available to them. Also, ensure that you post this kind of content across all your social channels so that no one misses out.

Promoting your free delivery service is a good idea.


Show your human side

It’s always a plus to put a friendly face to your staff online. It shows people the human side to your business and can often help to make them feel reassured and more likely to come and visit you in person. Showcase the various specialities and traits of each member of staff on your team. Consider a post once a week or month with a small bio of a member of your team detailing their expertise and something personal about them. This will also make people feel as though they are in safe hands with you and your staff and help to build up trust in your company.

Showing off the team behind your business is a great idea.


Help people with their ‘to-do’ lists

Here is another one to help people out with their incredibly busy lifestyles. With a plethora of events to remember in people’s daily calendars, if you can provide them with reminders for even one of them, they will be grateful to you. Simple reminders such as letting people know that flu jabs are available now and who is eligible for them, or back to school and seasonal reminders are great options here. This is another type of post that can be scheduled to help you stay on top of things. This type of content shows your followers that you are on the ball and have the best interests of the local community at heart. You are likely to gain followers as people will realise that they can rely on you for timely reminders.

Things like flu jab reminders can help your customers get something back from your social media pages.


Offer something more

Remember, it’s not just businesses like clothing companies that can run offers and promotions on socials! This kind of content is actually a great way to differentiate yourself and stand out among other pharmaceutical businesses out there. After all, it goes without saying that special offers and promotions will always catch people’s attention and pique their interest. If you are looking to boost your numbers and engagement, then this is a great option for you. If you really want people to get involved in your social media, think about hosing regular competitions. Something which means that people have to follow you and engage with your posts to enter is your best shot to grow your social media, fast.

Sharing topical healthcare news always goes down well.


Show people how you stand out from the crowd by creating useful, accessible content and growing your business through the power of social media. The team at 99social can help provide you with great value social media expertise and guidance, so get in touch today.

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