Social networks now reach billions of people every single day, opening up a whole host of new ways for you to market your transport and logistics business to the masses. If you utilise social media effectively, you can meet your business goals and grow your brand in ways that you never could before. Not quite sure where to start with marketing your logistics and transport business online? From pictures to promotions, we’ve rounded up some invaluable tips to help you to boost your numbers and keep people wanting more.


Expert journey tips

No one knows how to conduct a successful journey better than logistics and transport professionals! Consider sharing your best tips and tricks to help others out using your specialist industry knowledge. How about asking your followers what kind of issues they face in planning or executing their own journeys and helping them to find fruitful solutions. This will not only drive your existing followers to engage with you, but it also provides added value and makes them feel as though they have gained something. The other benefit is that it is likely to encourage people to want to stay connected with you to pick up more of those helpful tips in the future!

This company regularly posts webinars helping ecommerce businesses with their logistics.


Promote local

Local events and functions give people a taste of that all-important community spirit. People love to know that you are personally involved and invested in your local community. It develops a sense of trust, familiarity and is also a great way to promote your business to local audiences, some of whom could develop into potential clients. Take a look into what popular events are coming up in your area and plan your social posts well in advance. Ensure that you promote these events in a consistent manner throughout all of your socials so that nobody misses out.

Getting involved in the local community is a great way to score brownie points.


Make people’s lives easier

Traffic and travel issues and disruptions are a serious headache for just about everyone. If you can share some insider advice on the best alternative routes or even give your followers a heads up so that they know to plan ahead, they will thank you in abundance. Making something as stressful as a disrupted journey that little bit easier is a great service to offer. It is also a way to get people to follow or subscribe to you if you encourage them to do so in order to receive the latest travel updates and advice. Doing this not only helps people out, but it also reassures them of your expertise and professionalism as a business. This will increase trust in your company and make people more likely to recommend you to their friends and family in the future.

Show your B2B and B2C customers how you can help them.


Share money-saving tips

Travelling options have become more and more plentiful over the past decade but prices are always on the rise and consumers are constantly looking for new ways to make savings on their trips. The key here is to try and provide your followers with money-saving tips and tricks that they couldn’t get elsewhere. If there are any discounts you know of that aren’t widely known or are perhaps on the horizon, these will provide the best value to your followers. Try to appeal to a broad range of consumers including students and younger people, couples and older people – after all, there’s no age limit on saving money! Think travel-cards, student discounts, over 60’s savings and ways to plan your trips in advance. All of these will help people save on that all-important dough, and then thank you for the tips!

Money-saving tips always go down well on social media.


Eye-catching user-generated content

Another sure-fire way to get people interested in your social media is to grab their attention, and this is getting harder and harder to do as the sheer amount of content online increases by the hour. One way you can achieve this is to share and repost eye-catching images and content that your followers have created themselves. User-generated content is only growing and growing in popularity on the social media marketing scene. The benefits are multiple: firstly, you get free content from your followers (nice one), but also you increase the reach of your current social media influence to include their followers too. Remember, as much as you want to retain your existing followers, finding ways to reach new people is an absolute must in order to grow your business exponentially.

User-generated content from your logistics teams is a good idea.


Creating a solid brand image on social media will help you increase trust in your company, reach thousands of new potential clients and overall help you to reach your marketing goals with relative ease. Get in touch with 99social today for great value expert advice on how to use your businesses’ socials to their full potential.

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