With such a wealth of automotive content online, making your dealership stand out on social media can feel like a daunting task, but we’re here to tell you that it really doesn’t need to be.

With regular content, tantalising offers, building up your brand identity and becoming involved in the wider community you can dramatically improve your reach and success on social media. Keep on reading to discover how to start putting our top social media tips for your car dealership into practice today.


Promote new releases and your latest stock

Just like any other business, you need to keep people up to date with what’s in stock now as well as teasing them of any exciting new releases that are on the horizon. This should be your bread and butter content and you should make sure you keep on top of it to ensure that your brand stays current. After all, you don’t want potential customers to have to put the effort in to find out if you stock their dream ride, you want them to be able to easily access that information in a just few short clicks and get them straight through that showroom door!

Ensure you promote your inventory across all your social media to cover the bases. Remember, some people may only have Instagram or only use Facebook, and you want to make sure you have the widest possible reach.

Promoting your newest stock is a good idea.


Give people a reason to choose you

Did you know that most often people decide on the make and model of car they wish to purchase before they even look into the secondary decision of who to actually buy it from? With this in mind, it is absolutely imperative to have something that little bit special to draw customers in and clinch those sales before your competitors even have a look in.

Promote special offers from your dealership regularly.

With a car purchase being a huge decision for most people, create offers that will set you apart from the crowd and entice people into choosing you over your rivals. For example, limited-time deals are a fantastic option here – a time-sensitive approach will encourage people to lock in that deal before they miss out!


Take the stress out of purchasing

Sometimes purchasing a new vehicle can feel incredibly overwhelming. For many, after a house, it is the second most expensive item they will buy. Take some of the stress out of buying and show people that their ideal car is accessible with various financing options.

Offering free delivery is a great selling point.

Depending on your target market, make sure you provide options to suit all financial budgets and needs. Financing is becoming one of the most popular methods of car payments in the UK, as people can afford to drive a car that would have been previously out of reach for them with more traditional methods of payment. What you need to do here is sell them that dream, show them that what they want is achievable, and you will really get people interested and motivated to take the next step.


Grow your brand personality

Sharing content that involves members of staff is all part of creating your brand identity and adding that all-important personal touch. These days it’s not enough for a company to be able to do their job well, they also need to show some personality in their advertising in order to establish trust and that all-important loyal following.

Show the world what’s going on at your office.

Something fun going on in the office this week? Sold a cool car recently? Got an event or a birthday coming up? Share it with your followers! Give them an idea of the kind of place you are, and make them feel as though they could be part of it too. Sell the experience of visiting your dealership by showcasing your staff and their expertise and quirky personality traits to add a bit of fun into the mix.


Get involved in the wider community

As a car brand, your content should extend further than just what you have in your dealership. You need to show a sense of belonging to the wider automotive community to really achieve long term social media success. Doing this will bring people together and draw in hoards of new followers. For example, boost your engagement by organising a tweet along during Top Gear episodes and share opinions for others to comment on and engage with. By doing this you are really honing in on your captive audience and creating a loyal community around you.

Taking selfies with customers is a great way to get involved in the community – they’ll likely share the post with their friends and family, increasing your reach.

This does wonders for your brand and like-ability as it doesn’t come across as a ‘hard-sell’ approach.


So you want to get more out of social media for your car dealership? Out of fresh ideas and need some inspiration on how to make your socials pop? If you’re looking for some expert affordable advice, then the team at 99social is here to help, so get in touch.

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