Social media has the power to promote your Airbnb business in ways you can’t imagine. As long as you have a website an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and most recently TikTok account, you’re good to go.

Of course, to get you started, you need to have some content that’s good enough to engage your viewers. Most business owners have trouble posting content or posts simply because they aren’t sure of what would work best. Are you having trouble with which post ideas to go with?

In this article, we share some Social media post ideas for Airbnb hosts to get you started, and here they are!

Post-High-Quality Facility pictures.

To succeed in the Airbnb business your social media page has to stand out in terms of the kind of pictures you post. Competition out there is so high that if you post low-resolution pictures you won’t get that many visitors. To stand out from the crowd you need to start by posting high-quality pictures of your facilities which can include parking space, pictures of rooms, the food you offered among other things. That way, customers can see what your business offers without a doubt!

For the best results, you should either invest in a nice phone or a good camera to take high-quality photos that can be shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If your followers notice the high quality, they will be forced to check out the rest of the Airbnb and possibly request your services.


Give special offers

Pages that have many followers on social media give special offers to their customers. To attract more visitors to your page, post an offer for first-time customers, say maybe they receive free breakfast on their first night at the premises, or maybe for three nights spent at the Airbnb, a customer gets one extra free night. This will increase your engagement because people will subscribe to your page with the hope to get the special offers that come with interacting with your business.

Share customer experiences

Usually, when people are browsing the internet, they are looking for information and proof that something can be trusted or disregarded. Imagine posting photos of your customer’s experience at Airbnb? Post a photo of a customer checking into their rooms, having breakfast in the lounge area, or watching TV, will convince someone looking for an Airbnb to check out your business. The customer experiences will convince them that the business is legitimate and that they can have a good time there. So, if you haven’t tried this out, now would be the time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Your job as an Airbnb owner is to solve the problems of your customers. Notice those questions they keep asking you over and over again in your Instagram DM? Use your stories to post and answer them. Make sure to share them in your Instagram Feed as well as highlight them. That way, when new visitors check out your page they can read the FAQS and find answers quickly. One frequently asked question about Airbnb is, “Are meals inclusive of the charge fee? If your Airbnb offers this, make sure to confirm and if not, still clarify because it helps customers to make an informed decision.

Holiday packages

Travel is very common during festive seasons and public holidays. Why not give your visitors and existing customers a holiday package they can’t resist? A good way around this is to create affordable packages for family members, couples, and children. For example, you can lower the prices for a family of more than four people, or on Valentine’s Day, a couple that spends a night at your Airbnb gets a free bottle of the best wine, chocolate, and a bouquet. This message should be crafted will with at least one or two images showing the available packages.

Update page information

Lacking or having the wrong information on your social media platforms can cost you, potential customers. A well-curated page with contact information, location, business names, websites, and logo is more likely to get clicks. If a customer can visit your page and see these pieces of information immediately, they’ll most likely check out your business. For this reason, it’s important to update your Airbnb page information because it shows that you’re organized and so are the services you offer.

Share videos

Videos show customers exactly what to find at Airbnb. Platforms like Instagram reels, stories, and Facebook live have made it easier to share videos in a more fun way. Interest your customers by showing them rooms, poolside, bathrooms, parking areas among other things in video form. Videos make a great marketing tool because they allow you to say more than you could in a typical post without taking up a lot of space on your site. To get the best engagement, make sure the video (s) are narrative-driven, that way you can answer some questions.

Do not forget to capture it in high resolution for the best viewing experience.

Comment more frequently

Replying to customers’ comments on your business pages isn’t enough. Go ahead and participate in another business comment section because that’s where you’ll find new visitors. The more you comment on other people’s posts especially in the comment section, the more your brand gets noticed. Share an opinion, agree or joke about something, people will surely check out your page.


Quickly address problems

Providing a quick solution to a problem arising from your services will help to prevent more future problems. If a mistake is made on your company’s side, publicly apologize when necessary and offer to resolve the issue via direct message at most. Visitors who see the post will know that you responded, and will trust your business for doing so. They’ll confidently work with you because they know that should a problem or misunderstanding happen, it will quickly be addressed.

Bottom Line

These are perfect examples of Airbnb social media post ideas your company can use to meet the preferences of your audience, whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or TikTok. The top priority has to be posting high-resolution images because most people are convinced and will most likely visit a page that has good visuals.

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