Antique pieces deserve to be shared on social media at all costs. Much as it’s okay to have a physical store, an online shop can help you reach a wider market because most people spend a lot of their time browsing through different sites online with the hope of coming across an eye-catching antique.

Owning an antique store and knowing what to post on social media are two different things. If you can do both that’s a good thing, however, if you can’t, it’s advisable to hire a social media manager to do the work for you. No matter the case still, both parties can reach their goal through using these antique stores’ social media post ideas.

Here are social media post ideas for antique stores



Giveaways encourage customers and visitors to stick around especially if done seasonally. To begin there must be rules in place for a giveaway to happen for example:

Share a photo of your best item and tag the antique shop

Recommend the shop to more than 5 people so they can follow your account

If your followers succeed at this you can gift them their favorite antique because they can have contributed to your following.


How well do your customers know antiques? Test their knowledge by posting one of the items in your shop and ask them to describe it and probably mention how it’s used if there is a use.

The winners of the quizzes can get an opportunity to feature on your Instagram or Facebook stories for a day. If you can, gift them that very antique that they manage to describe. In turn, they should be able to share their win on their Instagram feed, story, or Facebook page and tag your company for gifting them.

Conduct a SALE

It’s not uncommon for physical antique stores to conduct sales especially for antiques that have spent a long time on the shelves with no one buying them. Create an E-poster of the SALE and how long it will be lasting for example a SALE of one week or a month is reasonable enough and can make you some good money.

Frequently asked questions

Instagram is still the best social media platform for answering frequently asked questions. These can be posted on Instagram stories using the questions option. However, you would have to ask your followers to both ask anything about your business or type in the questions and provide answers still on Stories.

Encouraging quotes

Social media followers need all the inspiration they can find in this current COVID-19 situation. Post an antique and caption it with encouraging quotes or messages about things getting better. An antique would even be just the thing to cheer them up or buying it for a loved one.

High-quality images

People likely browse through different social media sites in search of antiques. However, with a captured image, no followers will like or let alone want to purchase the item. Instead, if your Instagram page displays antiques captured in high resolution and good backgrounds, your likes will increase and your items may get sold faster than you can imagine.

Share your company’s culture

Sharing your company culture is one way of grabbing your target audience’s attention. If it’s your company culture to share an antique they discovered this week, why not take a photo of it and share it with your followers. This increases social media transparency.

In addition, you can share images of new employees and introduce them to your followers with pictures of their first day at work.

Share your story

How did you open up an antique store and where did you gather your items from? Followers are usually curious about where most of these things come from or how they’re accumulated. Do you have any tips or hacks that helped you? If so why not have a social media manager write you a beautiful and captivating story which can inspire your followers. Furthermore, once your story is out followers will most likely share it with their friends which is a way of promoting your business.

Participate in the comment section

Giving or answering in the comment section isn’t in any way bad for business, rather it’s good. It’s one of the best ways of letting your brand gets recognized by new people. The more they see your company’s name in the comment section, even if it’s a different page, they’ll remember your name and check out your antique store. So, if you haven’t yet contributed to the comment section, now is the time.

Share How-Tos

Share with your followers how to make good use of antiques in their houses. For example, when placed in a certain position how would it appear, would it elevate the look of the place. Some antiques require an explanation of how they are used. All this can be explained using Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

Support other businesses

Supporting other businesses especially those in a similar industry as yours can help boost your business and also the other person. It would be great if they also gave you a shout-out for sharing their business handle.

An act such as this one depicts you as a selfless and loving person whom people will be more than willing to work with. So if you know of any new business that has just opened up, support them by sharing their page on your Instagram or Facebook Stories.

Seasons greetings

Festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter deserve to be celebrated by everyone. Others such as valentine’s, thanksgiving, Halloween, and news year too are days most people celebrate. Your social media team can craft a beautiful message and address it to Al your followers and customers.

Bottom Line

This is how antique stores and shops can tactfully post on their social media pages to engage followers while boosting business at the same time. They include sending out season’s greetings, sharing stories and company culture, conduct a SALE, asking FAQs s among others.

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