This pandemic has been a hard time for many shops and suppliers. With physical footfall down it has been hard for the bricks and mortar establishments to bring people in. This has been especially true for butchers who are now having to compete with the changed shopping habits of the population.

There is a tendency for more one-stop shopping at supermarkets. Also, the big online suppliers such as the chains have been eating into the butcher shop market with home delivery offerings.

There is an opportunity here that savvy butchers can exploit. The power of social media in this day and age is undeniable. Every politician uses it, we have seen it topple governments, boost cryptocurrencies to dizzying heights and bring obscure brands to the forefront of people’s attention.

With all the information overload your customers must deal with every day you need to really stand out to catch their eye. Social media with its viral potential is the perfect vehicle to use to get your message across and spread by influencers of all levels for you.

So, what sort of thing or idea could you promote?

There are many things that people have been looking for during these times that are a perfect fit for butchers to promote via social media. Some examples include:

  • Meat boxes delivered – people have become used to convenience. You do not have to go the whole hog with a meal in a box, but you could put together a pack for a mixed grill for example.

Social media post idea for butchers – boxes always go down well!

  • Summer’s coming, we hope, so in keeping with the above as lockdown eases how about making it easy for people to order pre-prepared packs of ready marinated barbecue goodies?
  • There are any number of viral tools, check out Gleam for example, that will help you get others to spread the word if you offer some benefit that could be in the form of redeemable vouchers.
  • Fast convenience such as the 15-minute, bite sized workout sessions we all watch now grab people’s attention span. What about sharing unusual meat dishes to prepare on a regular basis in a set time frame. 20-minute meat dishes every Friday.

Social media post idea for butchers – sharing meal ideas is another great idea.

  • A picture paints a thousand words, especially on social media you do not want to restrict yourself to yesterday’s medium of just plain text. What about an infographic with all the benefits of including meat in your diet that people may not be aware of? Not only the first-class protein but the B12, iron, vitamins and zinc. People love to be educated and share something they know that others might not.

Social media post idea for butchers – show off the people behind your brand.

  • Push any regular specials you have in store out on social media.

Social media post idea for butchers – show off special offers.

Whatever you do on social media to highlight what your butchery can do for people there are a couple of cardinal rules.

  • Grip people’s attention fast. You have only seconds to do that so a clip of some sizzling meat, or a well-designed graphic helps.
  • Follow up on any promises you make, if you show a glorious meat dish immediately tell how to prepare it and where to get the right stuff (from you)


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