Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and LinkedIn have given businesses a chance to tap into a wider market of consumers without having to do so much, only crafting the right social media posts.

Car washes too can join in on this fast-growing marketing tool to sell their services. Unlike physical washing bays, social media platforms require one to post engaging content to attract more visitors. You need to put up a working social media page and manage it accordingly by posting the right content.

For car washes, here are some post ideas

Before and after pictures

Make it a habit to post before and after pictures of clients’ cars with their permission of course because others wouldn’t want their card on social media.

If they agree, take a photo of the dirty car before it’s washed, and after it has been properly washed take another picture. The two of them can be gridded against each other to show results. These photos you can post onto your social media page to see what your followers have to comment on.

Car wash memes

A good laugh can make your follower’s day and keep them coming back for more. Today almost every industry including the car wash industry has already crafted memes that you can readily share on your Facebook car wash page.

Make sure to post the funny meme but also caption below it how your company can contribute positively especially if what the meme says points towards having your car cleaned by professionals.

Celebrate your staff

Your staff is just as important as your clients. For this reason, they too need to be commended especially if they are doing a great job and bringing in more clients. Have the best performing staff members’ photos captured and posted on your Instagram or LinkedIn page with a caption, “Team player of the month “. They will feel appreciated and at the same time offer a doorway for followers to see who is responsible for the good service they’re receiving.

Request client feedback

Client feedback is very important because it helps you to either improve on the car wash services offered by your company or settle a client’s dissatisfaction. Without feedback, it’s difficult to grow because you don’t know what your clients want and if it’s what they’re receiving.

Instagram questions allow users to type in a question of their choice, post it on their Stories and they wait for followers to respond. One such example can be about asking clients if they trust your cash wash process. Additionally, for situations where a client has ever had their vehicle washed by your car-wash company and liked your service, their response is likely to be positive. Answers like these can be reshared to show the good work your company offers.


Infographics are a pictorial representation of a certain process. For your business type, the infographics chart can include how the dirty car is received upon arrival, and the process and equipment involved in cleaning it to the end.

Followers that want their cars washed, won’t wonder what or how their cars get washed because the pictorial representation already did that. This saves time but also shows the services you offer in a more fun and exciting way.

Thank you messages

On a random day, craft a thank you message directed towards your clients and followers thanking them for supporting you because they could have chosen to do otherwise.

Make them feel valued and appreciated because it shows you care about them and that’s good for your business.


Car wash giveaways are the best ways to not only give back to the community but also market your business. Create a campaign where the first 3 people to like any photo posted after this announcement gets their car washed for free. Advise participants to like the post but also share it on their social media page. Instagram allows users to tag at least 10 people which should include your company. That way you can give back but also gain recognition for your act.

Craft instant reply messages

As business owners, especially if you don’t have a social media account manager in place, it becomes challenging to answer each customer request. However, top social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram understand this and they’ve set up a messaging option for auto reply especially when the business account holder isn’t available online. Check out these options and tailor an auto-reply message for your clients, that way they get attended to for some time until you return. Remember to set auto-reply messages based on frequently asked questions like how much, how to make payment, hello, and others.

Share product samples

What products are used during the car washes you offer? Are the products environmentally friendly? Or, is there anything special about them? Your followers would be interested in knowing these facts and also learning something new from you. Craft simple and easy-to-read notes about the products your business uses so followers can read.

Instagram Reels for videos

Instagram Reels are so far one of the most fun and exciting way to create engaging videos for your clients. They allow users to add music, transitions, themes, and words. Create a car wash reel right from where the cars are dirty to the cleaning process.

Of course, other sites like Snapchat and TikTok are big on this too. You can create a company account and begin sharing your videos across different sites for an even bigger reach.

Bottom Line

Car washes don’t have to be boring. Set up a business page for your company on any preferred social site with Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook being the recommended ones. Share photos, post videos using Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories, request feedback, and conduct giveaways. With these post idea options, you can post a different unique piece for each occasion and change them up a bit if you prefer. That way your clients will always have something to remind them of your business should they need carwash services.

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