Running a charity can be hard work.

As well as managing staff and trying to fundraise, you’ll likely be responsible for your public relations and marketing your charity.

One of the best ways to raise funds and shout about what you’re doing is to have an active presence on social media – but so many charities have yet to sign up for accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Below, we’ve put together some social media post ideas for you to try out.


Promote success stories

People like to see real people and real stories, so consider promoting some of the success stories from your charity.

Perhaps you helped to open a new youth centre for children in the local area, or maybe you were able to build a new sensory building to help disabled teens?

Get a camera and record some footage, and share your successes on social media.

It may be that you turn those success stories into blog posts for your website, or maybe you can share your stories with local newspapers and bloggers, and post those articles on social, too.

Show off your success stories with pictures, videos and graphics


Post upcoming events

The chances are that you host a great number of fundraising events throughout the year, so spread the word and promote them the best you can.

Create Facebook Events so people can ‘check in’ and say they’re attending, invite everyone on your newsfeed, and then follow that up by live-tweeting and talking about the success of your events once they’re finished.

The more you scream and shout about the exciting things you’re getting up to, and the money you’re raising, the more likely other people are to get involved and show support.

Make sure all of your followers know about upcoming fundraising events.


Share local news

Not everything you post has to relate to your charity.

If you’re a local organisation with strong ties in the community, then sharing news and updates from where you live is another way to keep your accounts ticking over.

Of course, if you can tie in a connection with the work you’re doing, that’s always a good thing, like a children’s charity sharing an article of children at their school prom, or a high achiever going on to secure a place at a top university.

Content like this may not directly benefit your organisation, but it’ll increase engagement and get more people to like and interact with your page, which can only be a good thing.


Offer advice

If you’re a specialist charity, then consider offering advice and support online.

Perhaps you are a charity focused on mental health – create custom graphics where you show people how they can deal with their anxiety and overcome challenges in their life; if you’re a charity that raises money for heart disease research, then sharing healthy recipes and tips on exercise is also a great idea.

Go beyond the work you’re doing within your own organisation, and look to third parties like news outlets and blogs for quality content that can help people in need.


Have some fun

If you’re struggling to come up with social media post ideas for your charity, then remember that there are no hard and fast rules, and sometimes it’s good to have a little fun.

Tweet along to your favourite shows, let people see what’s going on in the office and let your hair down. Humanising your charity will only make you more relatable, so go all out!

Post along during TV events and with trending topics to increase engagement.


Wrapping up

At 99social, we have an allocation for discounted social media management services for charities.

To find out more, get in touch today, and be sure to check back to the blog soon for more great social media post ideas for charities and third-sector businesses.

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