Cleaners can often find it challenging to market themselves in the right way – to the right people – using social media networks. They need to find that elusive middle ground between positioning themselves as friendly and approachable (they’ll be working in people’s homes and businesses, after all), and professional and highly dedicated.

It can be tricky, but we can help. We offer affordable social media management for cleaners and cleaning companies to maximise visibility while boosting engagement.

Here are just a few of the post ideas that have helped our cleaning clients spark engaging social media discussions with their customers, and potential customers:


Visual case studies

Cleaning is a visual industry. Audiences are less interested in what you do – and how you do it – and are more interested in the type of visual results you’re able to deliver. It’s exactly the same in other visual industries, such as design. Audiences don’t want to hear about what a designer can do; they want to *see* what they can do. It’s worth reaching out to some long term customers to see if they’d be willing to participate in a case study for social media, with photographs showing before/after transformations.

Impress potential customers with these before and after shots.

Share niche content

‘How to clean a kitchen’… searches like this generate thousands of results, with many recommending easy techniques that can be used by anyone. So think about using social media to share something different, and highlight the differences between at-home remedies and professional cleaning. You can use your social media to share links to carefully curated content on your website that delves deeper into professional strategies that go beyond the time and resource capacities of the average person.

Showing off your expertise through tutorials is a great way to prove your worth.


Direct advertising

Many businesses shy away from using their social media posts to directly advertise their services or business, but in the right place, a bit of shameless promotion can really work. So just where is the right place? Search for local groups that have been set up on social media platforms. Some of these groups are dedicated to recommending or promoting local businesses. Followers or subscribers of these groups are there to find solutions to their problems, and are ready to handle harder sells than casual social media users.

Creating graphics to promote your services can go down well – and they can be reused across all of your channels.


Exclusive offers

Have you thought about using your social media presence to share exclusive offers for your followers, or launch giveaways? Remember that social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have millions of active users, so they’re great ways to raise awareness of your business and expand your reach. It’s definitely worth considering creating social media posts that offer followers something in return for sharing your message or recommending your service, such as a free clean or discount.

This carpet cleaning company in the US posts a special buy three get one free offer.


Need a hand with your own social media management? Get in touch today to see how we could help.

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