In recent years, hackers have become more intelligent on how they can trick unsuspecting social media users into giving them access to personal information.

If you aren’t aware of their tactics or even spotting out malicious applications on your phone or computer, you risk losing important information. For this reason, Cyber security companies have come in to help protect your privacy as you browse online either on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

However for a Cyber security company that has just started, what do you post on your social media accounts?

In this article, we share some examples of social media post ideas for cybersecurity companies

Step by step videos

To prevent followers from falling victim to cybercrime, share a step-by-step guide on measures they can take to protect their accounts from being hacked. One of them includes email protection, social media account protection, what to do when your password has been changed and the likes. Create a descriptive video that can be posted both on the page’s feed and Stories if you’re using Instagram or Facebook.

Share your expertise

It’s most likely that the people who visit a Cyber security company page on social media are looking for information either to recover their data or prevent it from being stolen.

As the account owner, you should provide your followers with information on how they can secure their online data, how to create strong passwords, and spotting malicious applications.


If you have access to some accounts of people who have fallen victim to cybercrime, take screenshots and post them on your page. Most cybercriminals tend to use the same tactics that they used before such as photos, names, and even sentences. If these are shared on your page and followers are alerted they may be saved and will appreciate you for that.

Tag your partners

Legitimate cyber security companies rarely work alone. They usually work with other bodies such as the police. Ensure to tag the police or emergency number of the police maybe bank helplines and the likes. That way if a crime takes place online users know that their bank account and police are also in the loop and that assistance is possible.

Share undercover videos

Does your company do investigative videos? Do you go undercover to catch suspected criminals? If so, then content like this could gain you more than a thousand new visitors each day especially if you have or create a YouTube channel. A link directing followers to your YouTube channel can also be posted on your Instagram or Facebook and Twitter Bio so that new visitors can click and find your channel.


Testimonials are what make your business authentic. If there are more than two people who can attest to the services your company offers post it to your page. With their permission, you can post their faces so it’s more believable.

Answer questions on Live video

Facebook Live can be used to answer questions about Cyber security and crime. Post about it either a day before or earlier so your followers can adjust their schedule and create time for the virtual video.

Instagram also has Instagram live for videos. Depending on what works best for you choose either of the two platforms to interact with your followers and answer their questions while sharing your expertise at the same time.

Client feedback

Clients on social media usually directly message service providers to thank them for a job well done. Such messages should be shared on your page for you to gain the trust of your followers. However, before posting this client feedback, find out if they’re comfortable with you sharing that special Direct Messages on your social media platforms. In case they don’t agree, you can still post a screenshot of the conversation but blur out their name or account handle.

Update your Bio

Bio must be up-to-date if you’re to engage with followers on social media. If it isn’t up-to-date ensure to update it with the latest information. Be sure to include a physical and accurate location of your offices, correct email address, contact or mobile number, and a Direct Messages option. With an accurate account, information communication is made much easier.

Plan community events

An E-poster can be used to plan a community event where all your followers are invited to attend a Cyber security-related event. On the poster include images of guest speakers, time location, and any “freebies” that will be provided. Involved partners such as police, lawyers, banks, and others should as well be highlighted.


Campaigns about Cybercrime help alert people on social media about the criminal act. It could be doing like, “Let’s put an end to Cybercrime.” Share this poster on all of your social media pages for a wider reach

Instagram polls

Instagram polls enable users to participate by taking aside. This means you’ll need to create questions or sentences and then allow users to either agree or disagree with the sentence in the discussion.  For example, would you report it if you were a victim of Cyberattacks on social media?” The answer that takes the highest percentage is a representation of what the majority agrees with.


Creating a contest on Facebook or Twitter is a social media post idea for getting users involved in the fight against cybercrime. In this contest, you and request to share their experience with cyberattacks and how they were helped out of that situation.

Participants should be encouraged to like, share, and tag their friends to be chosen as the winner. The winner can be announced via your business account. They should be treated for participating and being bold enough to share their experience.

Bottom Line

For a cybersecurity company, your social media page shouldn’t be redundant. These are some of the workable post ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube. To reach a wider audience post these ideas but also change them to exactly fit your cyber security company

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