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As a driving instructor, you’ll know it can be tough to find new clients in today’s uber-competitive industry, especially with so many changes and franchises eating away at your margins.

If you have any chance of succeeding and standing out from the crowd, you’ll need to build a name for yourself and an active, loyal customer base of wannabe-drivers.

One way you can do that is through social media.

Below, we’ve put together some tips and tricks on developing a driving instructor social media presence that will set you apart…


Offer theory tips

Whilst you offer practical driving instruction, nobody can sit a driving test without passing their theory first!

Make your social media channels the go-to place for driving theory tips and tricks and build up a bank of content that’s genuinely useful and will help your learners pass.

The best part?

Theory tests rarely change, so once you’ve created fifty or so tweets sharing the best tips and tricks, you can reuse and recycle them ready to attract the next batch of learners.

Use a social media scheduling tool and you can drag and drop posts to reshare.


Share success stories

Okay, time for an obvious one.

Whenever a learner passes their test, take a picture of them with your car and driving instructor roof sign and share the positive news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All of the learner’s friends and family will comment on the photo, which will expand its reach, and potential learners will know that you’re good at what you do.


Post about the industry

Showing learners that you’re keeping up to date with the latest news and developments in the wider industry is a great way to stand out and break up your success story posts.

After all, if you’re following a driving instructor and they’re sharing selfies every day of learners passing their tests, you’re going to get pretty fed up after a few weeks and might unfollow.

You might post about the rising costs of car insurance for young people, changes to driving legislation, or even something fun like this learner driver who failed their theory test 27 times and had to hire a lookalike to take it for them.

Of course, stress that such acts are illegal!


Advertise special offers

Next up, advertise special offers and let customers know what you’re offering them.

Many driving instructors offer a block introductory booking of ten hours for ÂŁ100, so consider doing something similar or even turning your offer into a competition.

Ask learners to tag their friends in a post and you can pick one lucky winner to receive five hours of free driving tuition – the rest will naturally like your page and you’ll pick up some new customers that way.


Get personal

Finally, don’t be afraid to get personal and show yourself (or your pets!) off on social media.

This driving instructor’s Twitter account is for personal and business use, and it helps to increase engagement.

Let’s face it: learning to drive can be pretty daunting and intimidating to some people, so if you show them the face behind the business and let them see the “real you,” customers will be more likely to book you.

Think selfies at McDonald’s Drive-Thru, asking followers what their favourite order is, or a picture of the countryside as you walk the dogs on a morning.

It’s another brilliant way to break up your promotional posts and keep people engaged with your brand.

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