While many electricians have largely relied on local word-of-mouth marketing to ensure a full calendar of jobs, it’s no secret that more and more people are using the web to find qualified professionals to carry out electrical works. Today, electricians that aren’t online could be missing out, especially if they’re not present on social media networks.

We offer affordable social media management for electricians to help bring this notoriously offline industry into the digital age and boost connections with customers.

If you’re not sure where to get started, here’s a snippet of some of the best performing social media posts our clients have published to online platforms in recent months:


Staff introductions

Perhaps the most important quality that customers look for in an electrician is experience, so your social media is a fantastic place to show that your team is made up of only the best in the industry. Think about doing a series of posts – perhaps published once per week, or once per month – focusing on a different employee each time. You can share a photograph and a short snippet about their experience and professional background. You could even include a quote from each person, too.

Showing off the team is a great way to boost engagement.


Industry news

If you have a website, it can be a good idea to publish regular blog posts that talk about any advancements or regulation changes within the electricity industry to demonstrate a commitment to keeping up with the latest guidelines and technologies, to highlight understanding of the wider sector, and to share your own opinions. But if you’re struggling with reach, social media can help. Use your social channels to share your web content and news posts with the platform’s pre-made audience base.

Articles like this one add value and show customers you care about them – they also serve as great conversation starters.


Peer-generated content

It’s worth keeping a close eye on local Facebook groups for any mentions of your business. For example, if a user asks for recommendations for an electrician, a former customer may mention your name, or tag your business, and may mention that they had work done and were satisfied. These groups are a fantastic source of free peer generated content that you can share through your own profile. Reviews and feedback such as this are excellent social proof that you can live up to your word.


Informational videos

When homeowners or businesses have electrical work done, there are often quite a few decisions they’ll need to make. For example, if a customer is having new spotlights fitted in the kitchen, they may need to choose between GU10s and fixed LED downlights, for example. Using YouTube or other video sharing services to deliver informative short clips to your customers can help them to better understand their needs, and walk them through the ways that you can help them meet these needs.

Images and videos like this one offer a behind-the-scenes look at your business.


Don’t have the time to manage your own social media? Let the team at 99social help. Get in touch today to find out more.

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