Estate agency is becoming an increasingly competitive industry, in part thanks to the rise of sites like Rightmove.

As such, you must do everything in your power to stand out from the competition and promote your estate agency online, both to encourage sellers to list their properties with you, and buyers to view the properties you’re currently trying to sell.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best social media post ideas for estate agents to help you promote your business, find new clients, and make more money.


Show off your properties

The chances are that there are hundreds of properties for sale on your website, but singling them out and showcasing a couple on your website is a great way to drum up interest.

Use the images you took when you visited the property, highlight some of its biggest benefits, and add your logo and some custom branding to boost awareness of your business.

If you’ve already built up an audience on Facebook, you should be able to attract some likes, shares, and engagements, and hopefully, find a buyer for one of your listed properties.

This Blackpool estate agent lists the biggest benefits of one of the properties on their books along with some images. See how they use short bullet-pointed lines and emoji to make their posts more engaging, and look at the way they’ve added custom branding. Great stuff!


Share interior design tips

The people who like your page on Facebook and follow you on Twitter and Instagram don’t want to see an endless stream of properties for sale, especially if they’ve already bought a new home or they’re trying to sell their own house.

Diversify your content and share some interior design tips, whether that be posting images you find on Instagram and Pinterest (always remember to give credit) or recording your own videos on how to renovate your home.

This sort of content always performs well, as people will want to tag their friends in posts offering interior design inspiration, and you’ll likely pick up some new followers in the process.

We recommend a couple of these posts a week, or you may end up becoming an interior design channel, rather than an estate agency.

This Wiltshire-based estate agent shows off their interior design skills. Pretty swanky office!



Post news about the property industry

The property industry is one of the most exciting (or scary, depending on which side you sit on) industries in the UK, and barely a week goes by without a breaking news story related to mortgages, house prices, the rental market, or housing benefit.

Subscribe to news alerts and keep your followers in the know.

If there’s a proposed interest rate cut, for example, then you can promote the benefits, shouting about the fact homeowners will be able to get cheaper mortgages, or if there’s a fall in property prices in your area, you can use this to persuade first-time-buyers to visit your office and check out some of your recently reduced properties.

This Watford-based estate agent shares local property and housing news to appease to their local followers. This is a great way to find new followers – local people will naturally share your posts with their friends, who in turn will share, comment, and eventually like your page.


Give advice on selling your home

Selling a property can be hard work, but you’re the expert!

Share your top tips on how to sell a home, whether you post daily updates on Twitter or create some custom graphics with your company branding. Sure, most tips for selling your home are common sense, but it’s always good to keep your account ticking over with new content that followers may find interesting.

This estate agent shares some tips on selling your home and adds a picture. Research shows that tweets with images attract 150% more engagement than those without.


Share reviews and testimonials

If you’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers, then shout about them on social media.

This is a great form of “social proof”, as research shows people trust online reviews and testimonials as much as they would a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Create a graphic, ask your clients to post a review on Google and Facebook, and shout them from the rooftops. In-depth testimonials with videos, pictures and case studies will work even better.

One estate agent created a custom graphic, showing off a review from a client. Consider doing the same, but remember to add a logo and branding to make it look more professional.


Wrapping up

Whilst you’re not going to find hundreds of clients on social media overnight, investing in an effective social media campaign for your estate agency makes sense, even if it only increases brand awareness and encourages buyers to get in touch.

The more time you spend on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the more you’ll get back, so get started today.

If you’re too busy to spend time on social media, or you’d like the help from a company that has years of experience within the niche, get in touch with 99social today.

We offer affordable social media management from just £99 per month, helping you to grow your presence on social media and spend more time running your business.

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