It’s hard to ignore the fact that digital marketing is playing an increasingly significant role across a variety of industry sectors and facilities management is no different. With more and more of us spending more time online than ever before and increasingly turning to Google and social networks to find service providers, goods and business solutions, leveraging your business on the right platform can increase brand visibility and attract a host of new clients.

Because facilities management is an industry that’s constantly changing, an active presence on social media can help keep potential tenants, employees, and employers aware of what’s happening with your offering, showcase how you’re adapting to changing times and demonstrate your market-leading position.

To get a feel for the type of content that can help increase engagement for your brand, take a look at these handy post suggestions:


Put your best foot forward

With lots of competition for outsourced facilities management contracts, an inviting social media presence can help your company stand out from the crowd when it comes to showing off the work you’re currently doing.

With LinkedIn arguably the best social media channel for promoting B2B activity, this is where you can post visuals and case studies aimed at attracting clients from a desired audience, such as the hotel industry for example.

Show customers behind the scenes.


Timely social media posts for workers and tenants

Alongside trying to attract future business, social media gives you direct access to employees and tenants for communicating any changes to daily procedures.

This could include information about maintenance being carried out, service announcements, and other key updates, as well as providing the opportunity to post jobs to a wider audience reach from your own website jobs board.

Tenants will appreciate the attention to detail here and be more likely to follow and engage with your facilities management company in the future if they know you are pro-actively posting.

Reporting on live events is a great way to show your firm is engaged and dependable.


Tag your suppliers and share partner updates

You probably have a number of suppliers and partners that you’re in regular contact with during the course of a standard working month, from agency staff, materials vendors and equipment hire services to carry out the appropriate maintenance of a building or office space, your network is probably varied. Did you know it can also be a source of social media inspiration?

Social media can help facilitate long-term relationships with suppliers by creating a two-way street of promotional activity, whereby you would both share content endorsing each other’s work for visible positive interactions.

Still in need of some additional inspiration or support? When it comes to affordable social media management, we can offer your facilities management company a cohesive social media strategy that delivers real results.

Sharing updates from partners helps your clients and builds stronger two-way relationships.


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