Do you own a fish and chip shop? Does it have an account on social media? Formerly a way for people to interact with friends, social media networks are now crucial marketing tools for businesses. Third of independent restaurants and third of restaurant chains are engaged on social media according to a survey by Cornell’s hospitality school.

Social media, on the other hand, isn’t only a tool for marketing. As a consumer interaction tool, it helps eateries develop online communities. An in-person community is more difficult to maintain, which necessitates strong customer interaction.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve run out of ideas for your social media platforms. Plenty of fish and chip shop social media concepts will be revealed in the following paragraphs.

Recipes & cooking tips

A great way to engage your followers on social media is to post cooking advice and recipes through your restaurant/fish shop’s channels. When the epidemic hits and more people start experimenting in their kitchens, this type of stuff becomes even more significant. The sharing of recipes is a great approach to promote your restaurant’s cookbook.

Share a photo of a dish on Instagram and link to the recipe in your bio or post it as a caption. This is a great way to show your followers the recipe step-by-step. Instead, you might record yourself or your restaurant’s chef explaining a recipe on Instagram Stories or Instagram TV.

Share food photos

Ever seen a commercial for a restaurant that made your mouth water? Inspiring food photographs are the best way to make people hungry and want to dine in your business. Because of its simplicity and efficacy, sharing tempting photographs of food is one of the top social media ideas for restaurants.

To get people hungry, post pictures of your cuisine at its best on social media. Learn the basics of photography and take pictures with your smartphone, or ask your colleagues for a food photographer recommendation.

Employee experiences and pictures

When you post pictures of your employees on social media, they feel appreciated. Appreciation can help avoid personnel turnover in an incredibly high business.

As a result, staff members’ friends and families will be thrilled to see their loved ones recognized on social media, which will likely result in significant involvement. The algorithms of social media networks love engagement because it implies that you’re publishing quality content. As a result, your posts will be seen by more people because of algorithm works.

Customer photos

It’s important to share photos of consumers enjoying your meal, rather than just shots of their food. In this way, you can assist customers to imagine themselves dining at your establishment.

If you want to share images of clients on social media, be sure to seek their permission before doing so. So you can tag them in your posts and increase your interaction, get their social media accounts so you may use them.

Health and safety measures

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline in customer confidence in restaurants. This is one of the top social media ideas for restaurants right now.

Instead of sharing customers simply wearing masks, share a video showing COVID-19 safety measures. The video gets the message across in a much more memorable way.

When guests and workers are required to wear masks, they cannot mix with anyone outside of their table, and the restaurant conducts health checks on its employees. Try to show this in your video.

Show creativity

When it comes to fish and chip shops on social media, a lot of it is about keeping up with the latest and greatest social media trends. It is important, however, that you break the norm and do something distinctive if you want your campaign to become viral and be memorable.

Take an example of how York City’s Bondi Sushi posted content for International Sushi Day. There is an image of a family wearing sushi in a naked state. Instead of a standard social media photo, it’s a piece of art that makes people stop scrolling and take notice.

Hold a social media contest

Your social media followers will appreciate it if you offer them a prize through a simple contest and there are several ways to go about it. Giveaways can be run alone or in collaboration with other businesses to cross-promote each other.

Unsure about what to give away? Whether it’s a gift card or an exclusive event, like a romantic supper for two on Valentine’s Day, it’s up to you to decide. Use flowers as part of the reward package on Valentine’s Day.

Choose a captivating image or video for your message. If you like, you may even add the word “giveaway” in the post’s image. Regardless of what you do, make sure that everything you do matches the branding of your previous posts so that it doesn’t appear out of place or unnaturally placed.

As soon as you post a caption, let your fans know that you’ll be giving away something. Make sure to include the hashtags #giveaway and #contest in the caption of your post.

Instruct your followers on how they can enter the contest. Alternatively, you may ask them to follow you (and your spouse, if relevant) and leave a remark tagging a friend (or two). With this strategy, your restaurant is exposed to the friends of followers who are likely to love it.

A winner should be announced only after they have satisfied all of your entry requirements, such as following you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Bottom Line

There’s a need for fish and chip shops to be on social media. Getting consumers to stop scrolling and pay attention to your material, is sometimes a challenge because so many eateries are on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To manage the competition, you may share recipes and user-generated content to make your pages more memorable. Engage your customers in your comments, and use their feedback to better your company.

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