Running your own hair salon can be great fun.

Not only do you get to have a good old chinwag with your favourite customers, but you get to put your creativity to the test and experiment with new styles.

If you offer other services, like manicures and massages, you can make a tonne of extra money, too, which is why so many salons are expanding into new territories.

But finding customers to keep your business ticking isn’t always easy, and so below, we’ve put together some social media post ideas for hair salons to boost your audience and help you find clients.


Show off haircuts

You cut hair for a living, so it makes sense to take pictures of your customers’ new looks and post them on social media.

Of course, not every one of your customers is going to want their faces plastered all over social media, so be sure to ask them beforehand and consider taking pictures of the dying process, or their hair from the back if you’ve got a camera-shy client.

Not only does posting pictures from your salon allow people to see that you’re great at what you do, but it offers a level of social proof, showing potential customers that you’re busy, you work hard and that your customers leave with a professional haircut and style.

What’s more, if you post pictures of your clients’ new looks, some of them will no doubt retweet or share your post, which expands your reach and encourages other people to like and follow your social channels.

Show off your styles in social media posts


Give hair maintenance tips

If you want to get all of your customers to follow you on social media, then give them a carrot by sharing some free hair maintenance advice on social media.

You’re an expert in your field, so be generous and let your followers know how to best protect their dyed hair, give them tips on new styles, and consider recording your own mini hairstyle tutorials in video format for social media.

Not only does this show your customers that you care about their hair, but it encourages more people to like your page and interact with your posts, which expands your reach locally.

Who knows; you could post a hair tutorial that goes viral and have hundreds of new clients overnight!



Post about big events in the calendar

There are some events in the calendar when a new haircut is an absolute must. In the run-up to Christmas, post reminders letting your followers know that they need to book if they want to have a new style for Christmas day, and do the same in the run-up to Prom Season.

The same technique can be applied at other events, like Valentine’s Day or in the summer holidays to remind people that you still exist and that you’re taking bookings.

Consider creating your own graphics on Photoshop, and plan your year out in advance so you don’t forget important dates.


Share celebrity news

Celebrities and social media influencers share a boatload of content, so use that to your advantage and comment on their hair and make-up.

Obviously, we’re not suggesting you start to critique their look, but you could talk about how much you loved a star’s hair at a red carpet event, and offer advice on how to get your hair to look the same.

Remember that, when sharing celebrity content, you should always have permission first – retweet and share rather than downloading images and uploading yourself, or you could face problems down the line.


Ask for reviews

Ask your customers to leave reviews if they’re satisfied with their hair cut or beauty treatment, and share them online for everyone to see.

This is a great way to demonstrate your ability and customer satisfaction, and people trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising, so posting regular reviews and testimonials will no doubt encourage people to get in touch.

Testimonials act as social proof


Wrapping up

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