It’s no longer just enough to move your ice cream vans from one destination to the other looking for customers or even setting up shop across the streets to attract walk-in customers. Social media allows us to reach an even wider audience online simply by posting the right “posts”.

Are you new to the world of what to post on your ice cream van social media page? Are you stuck on which posts can help market your ice cream van business or shop?

You’re in luck because they’re quite a several ways through which to advertise your ice cream van/shop including the amazing ice cream you offer.

These social media post ideas will have people physically coming to your shop while also boosting your business online engagement.

Share your knowledge

Children, teenagers, and adults all love ice cream but few of them know so little about how it’s made. Show your expertise by sharing small bits of knowledge about how you make your ice cream, especially the ingredients you use without excluding what makes your ice cream better than the rest. Ice cream lovers will trust your business when you do this because it means you’re a professional who knows what he’s doing and therefore find it easy engaging with you. And, when your follower count grows, even more people find it easier to follow you because you appear genuine.

A behind the scenes moment

YouTubers have mastered the art of using the behind-the-scenes moment to grab the attention of visitors and returning subscribers. In case your ice cream vans don’t have a YouTube page, create one and share videos of what goes on before the ice cream makes it to shelves, how the different ingredients are bought, and all. Hunan beings are naturally curious and if you give them something that’s rarely shared, you’ll win their full attention.

Share colorful pictures

Ice cream is all about color. When one speaks of ice cream the mind thinks about colorful toppings, chocolate or vanilla favorite pink strawberry color, the green mint and apple flavor, the list goes on and on! When people visit your ice cream vans Instagram page, that’s what they expect to see and if they find it, the likes and follow backs will happen naturally. So don’t hesitate to post colorful pictures of the ice cream your van offers most especially the unique and special ice cream flavors.

Share personal moments

Do not create a social media page for your business and leave customers wondering what face lies behind it. Staying anonymous in this era isn’t good for business. People love and what to interact with a person, and a face. They want to feel comfortable knowing the person behind the scenes is a person just like them. It makes communication much easier. They will even be more able to talk about what they like, suggest changes, and even express their dissatisfaction which is good for the growth of your business.

So post a picture of yourself when you aren’t at the ice cream truck, maybe at the beach relaxing, swimming with your family, and having a good time with friends.

Organize an ice cream preparation contest

To attract the right audience on social media you want to organize something that they would love to participate in like an ice cream preparation contest. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, plan the contest organized by your company and encourage followers to participate. There must be a reward at the end say, the winner gets to see how you prepare some of your most prized ice cream types or they get a free ice cream treat for 3 days at your shop. Also, encourage them to post what they’ve made on their social media pages and tag your business, that way interested visitors can follow you and also participate.

Allow contestants to enter the ice cream contest by visiting either your company’s social media page where they can sign up to get access to articles on ice cream-related content.

When the contest commences, you need a winner. Reward them with the promised prize but also take pictures of the moment and post it on your social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A day in your life

Share with your audience how it feels like to be you by sharing a video on Facebook Live or Instagram stories. This can include what happens immediately you wake up in the morning, what you wear to work, have fir breakfast, and also include any Special routines. It’s okay to post about ice cream and the van but not every day because customers can easily get bored.

Share non-ice cream related content

As weird and indifferent as this sounds, it’s very necessary. You don’t have to post only ice cream van-related content all the time. The truth is your followers already know that your main goal is to sell ice cream.

Show them the other side of you by posting different but relevant content. For example, during this Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to remind followers to sanitize, avoid handshakes, maintain social distancing or even go and get vaccinated.

This social media post idea will prove to followers that you care about their health as much as you do with your business. Now, who wouldn’t be interested in a page that does this?

Photos of how it started and how it’s going

The how it started and how it’s going trend has caught up on social media recently. It involves pictures of how you started your ice cream van business and how it has grown. Share that you started with nothing and have improved with a better can or shop. Followers appreciate the growth and will love to collaborate with a business that exhibits this.

Bottom Line

Boost your ice cream vans and shop business on social media by posting these shared ideas. Even if it means surprising your followers with a picture of you having a good time at the beach or reminding them to keep social distancing during this Covid-19 pandemic, all of it is considered content and is guaranteed to boost follower engagement on your pages.

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