Run an insurance firm? Read on!

Social media really is taking over the world with so many of us logging on to peruse our various social apps several times each and every day.

These days you are missing out on some serious marketing gains if your insurance company doesn’t have a strong presence on social media to rival your competitors. Whilst making the most of socials for insurance companies may not seem like the easiest task out there, it is certainly not impossible!

With that said, sit back and relax whilst we run you through our expert advice on how to take your insurance companies’ social media from run of the mill to outstanding.


Create eye-catching posts using stats and images

One of the most crucial elements of social media marketing is being able to grab people’s attention. It can be difficult to be seen amongst all the other content online that, let’s face, it, is growing rapidly by the minute. Unfortunately, for this reason it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd as time goes on, however, do not fear, it can be done and we are here to help!

One type of content which works incredibly well for insurance companies is data-driven content. By this, we mean statistics, graphs and other data of this nature that you can use to draw people in and make them take notice of your company. As people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, how about using a statistic laid over an eye-catching image, or perhaps consider trying an infographic. These are just some of the types of media that people are more likely to click on and not just scroll aimlessly past.

Offering some eye-opening statistics can change the way people think about insurance.


Share expert advice

Another fantastic option for insurance companies to create content that will engage people is to design posts about topics relevant to the insurance industry. Depending on what type of insurance you offer, you could consider posting say, car maintenance tips, home improvement ideas or even advice on planning for retirement.

People are more likely to click on and engage with posts that they can potentially learn something from and so this will not only drive up your engagement, but also boost your brand image as a whole.

Share your expertise with the world.


Give people options

With many people having not only incredibly busy schedules, but also various financial burdens to deal with these days, remind them that insurance doesn’t have to be one of them. For example, let them know if you offer flexible payment plans that will allow them to manage their finances and they will thank you for it. Make it clear if you offer various different ways of paying and overall make insurance seem like one less thing to worry about. This is a great way of nurturing that brand image and gaining more interest in your company as people will start to see insurance as a less daunting task and see your brand as more approachable.

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Show some community spirit

Something else that can set your insurance company above your competitors is getting involved with the wider community around you. How about putting community events into your calendar so that you schedule posts related to them in good time each year. Once you have done this, encourage your followers to comment and share! Ask them if they will be attending, and how they will be getting involved to really boost your engagement levels. It will also have the effect of bringing people together and creating more of a loyal community feel around your brand, as well as doing wonders for your brand’s popularity, of course!

Showing that you’ve got involved in the community can help you win favour.


Offers, offers, offers!

If there’s one thing that you can always count on to grab people’s attention, it’s special offers and promotions. Boost your numbers and engagement by giving people an incentive to interact with your brand. Consider hosting a contest using facts from your industry or ask that people enter by re-tweeting or sharing a recent post of yours. This not only turns up your engagement and gets your name out there, but it spreads the word about your brand and creates further reach. People will be much more likely to want to follow you and stick around for more chances to win something!

Promote your offers, discounts, and perks regularly.


Feel like your insurance company’s social media just isn’t quite cutting the mustard? If you’re all out of ideas on how to improve your social reach, then get in touch with the team at 99social for affordable social media management today.

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