As an interior designer, social media might not be the first thing on your mind – especially when you’ve got creative projects and clients to take care of.

However, if you aren’t using social platforms to your full advantage, you’re simply selling yourself short. Social media is a powerful tool at your disposal to connect with new and existing clients, which could lead to new business (something we all want more of).

Unfortunately, simply posting photos of your work is not enough. This repetitive strategy will not only cause your profiles to go stale but will also lead to a dip in your engagement.

Coming up with new and innovative content ideas can be tough, especially if you’re drained creatively from the other parts of your job. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Follow these tips, and you’ll take your social media channels to the next level.

Below are our top social media post ideas for Interior Designers.


Video Walkthroughs

If you’ve had your business profile on social media for a while, it’s probably full of stunning photos. Whilst this is all well and good, why not shake things up a bit, Grand Designs style?

Doing a video walk through of one of your projects is an excellent way to showcase your work and shake up your usual content. It’s also an excellent way for you to showcase some creative flair!

Why not put on a bit of a persona (like the famous presenter) and describe your process and the designs in a fun and engaging manner?

If you strike the right tone, you’ll be able to showcase your work, maintain your professionalism, and have some fun with your followers – all at the same time! It never hurts to add a human face to your business.


Start a Series

We are by no means saying you should pitch to Netflix. What we are suggesting, however, is to decide upon a theme that you post content about in line with a regular schedule.

This could be daily, weekly, fortnightly – it’s up to you! This will ensure that you post regularly and give you something to work towards.

If you’re choosing images, why not choose three images at a time that can provide a theme for your grid? What better what to show off your design skills than by designing your own profile page?

If it’s a video series, create a clear theme that all the videos fall under. For example, you could do a short series of ‘D.I.Y on a budget’ videos, where you show your followers how they can transform their own spaces on a budget.



Putting together guides is a great way to not only give value to your followers but to showcase your expertise as well.

If you’re uncertain of where to start, why not start with a shopping guide? This could include a photo of a room with a certain aesthetic, then another image featuring products your followers can buy to achieve this look.

You could also base a post on a design theme, such as ‘art deco’ or ‘minimalist’, or be a bit more creative and focus on a season, like summer.

If you have relationships with vendors, why not feature their products and tag their accounts? This will strengthen your relationship with them and showcase your knowledge in the industry.


Holidays and Events

Holidays are a freebie when it comes to content. They offer a great excuse to post and offer a chance to get involved with the holiday spirit. However, many businesses fall into the trap of being tokenisitc – that is, posting about a holiday for the sake of posting.

Why not offer a themed decorating guide around a particular holiday? This could be post like ‘How to achieve this Easter look’ or ‘Wow your family this Christmas’.


Final Thoughts

The mains points to remember are:

  • Be consistent. Regular posting keeps you relevant and at the top end of people’s feeds.
  • Use relevant tags. The best way to give your posts more traction is by using the correct tags.

Juggling this, and your business can be tricky – especially if you want to make the most of your platforms. Not to worry though, we can help.

At 99social we offer cheap social media management from as little as £99 per month.

Get in touch today to find out more, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for social media news, tips and advice.

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