With digital marketing at the forefront of growth plans for a diverse range of industries, getting into the habit of regularly updating your social media pages is one easy way to really ramp up your landscape and gardening business.

Because of the visually striking nature of the landscaping world, you are already at a significant advantage when it comes to posting content on image-led platforms such as Instagram.

We’ve come up with a handful of post ideas so that you can get an idea of what type of posts will work well for your audience, with the aim of increasing lead generation and brand visibility online.


Before and after pictures

These types of posts are popular on social media in general, but they really come into their own when used in service industries such as gardening, where people want to identify with how amazing you could make their outdoor space look.

Once you’ve identified which social media platform your audience tends to engage with the most, you can use images highlighting the clearest transformations of lawns and gardens.

This is where you can also target customers and clients who you want to work with most. Do you want to bag that landscaping contract at a local manor house? Post content that gets across that you are comfortable in getting results on larger properties.

Dial in to popular gardening blogs, or write your own!


Gardening hints and tips

While you naturally want people to contact you for all gardening and landscaping services, sharing some snippets of advice for people to manage their own plants and gardens can really boost your brand authority.

Whether it’s offering advice on how often you should mow your lawn, or which plants work well across the different seasons, these types of posts help show customers that you are committed to adding value to their garden spaces as opposed to simply hard-selling your services.

Sharing seasonal gardening advice always works well.


Pushing seasonal content

As with hospitality and the travel industry, communication with customers of your gardening and landscaping business is highly dependent on what time of year it is.

For example, you may want to build a calendar of content that you post after seasonal storms, such as how you can help repair fence panels, or explain which plants and bushes need extra care during dryer summer days.

Before and after shots like these are great for showing off your skills.


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