Marketing agencies are in sky-high demand at the moment, and taking into account the rise and rise of social media, one of the best ways to show off what you can offer is to, well, show off what you can offer!

Being at the top of your game on social media is crucial for your marketing agency to secure the trust of thousands of potential clients out there and keep on growing as a business. If you’re not quite sure where to start with promoting your marketing agency on socials, then you have come to the right place!

Read on to find out our best insider tips and advice on how to stand out from the crowd and raise your marketing business’ brand awareness.


Show off your best work

A great place to get started with improving your marketing agencies’ social media is to show off the work that you are proud of to really let people know what you are all about. By making use of social media you are already showing that you know how to utilise the online space to spread the word about your own business. Build on this by demonstrating to potential clients what you have achieved for existing clients. Once you have permission to use work from a previous client in your portfolio, start putting together some eye-catching posts sharing what you produced for these jobs. Try to think of your socials as a sort of online CV – there to sell yourself to people who need help selling their own businesses!

Let people see what you’re good at – pictures speak louder than words!


Client testimonials

Following on from the theme of sharing your best work online to show what you can do, another fantastic option for marketing agencies on socials is to make use of client testimonials. This is the kind of content that really shows people what your customers think of you.

Once you have shown off the work you are most proud of, don’t be shy to ask those previous customers of yours to provide you with a few short words on their great experience working with you. This kind of post builds trust with your audience and demonstrates to others that clients have positive experiences of working alongside you. Think about it: people are always more likely to buy a product online if it has great reviews, and the same goes for selling your services. If you can show potential clients that your customers are happy with your work, then more sales are sure to follow!

A good testimonial can help you win over a new client.


Share helpful hints and tips

Another sure-fire way to get people’s attention on socials is to share some helpful advice and knowledge in your own specialist area. These days you have to do a lot more than just post regularly to get people to want to stick around and follow you! One of the ways in which you can entice people in to follow is to provide them with handy hints that they can make use of. Consider scheduling a post maybe once a week with a useful marketing tip to help people out.

We’re not talking about sharing all of your top business secrets, as otherwise there would be no reason to hire you! Think of it more as giving people a taste of what to expect if they were to use your services, and promise them more of the same if they stick around.

Sharing industry-related advice can help position you as an authority.

Interact with others

Where some brands go wrong with social media is that they have a ton of great content which they post regularly, but they don’t interact with others enough. To really make the most of the algorithms you need to be interacting with brands, individuals, influencers and most importantly your own potential clients.

You can encourage more interaction by asking open-ended questions on some of your posts and from there start up a conversation. You should be sharing other people’s content that is relevant to the marketing field and they will do the same for you in turn, thus spreading the word about your business. All of this then drives up your engagement and really strengthens your position in the online sphere.

Interacting with your audience can help you win over new marketing clients.


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