Seemingly tailormade for a social media audience, museums are filled with a sense of wonder and intrigue that translates brilliantly to image-led digital mediums.

From famous artwork to skeletons of extinct dinosaurs, a trip to the local museum or as part of an excursion on holiday has an enduring appeal for multiple generations.

We offer affordable social media management for your audience. What’s more, our team is capable of producing engaging social content capable of reaching a wider museum-going audience to boost your ticket sales.

Listed below are just some example of posts we believe work well in this sector if you find yourself in need of a little inspiration to brighten up your feed this week:


Time lapse exhibition builds

While livestreaming the entire build process could become fairly monotonous for a social media audience lacking in the necessary time and availability to fully engage, one way around this is to produce a video edit which speeds up the process.

Imagine how cool it would be to have a structure of particular interest – let’s say a T. Rex – that comes to life before the eyes of viewers in under a few minutes.

Interpretation is your friend

Particularly useful if you work in an art or sculpture gallery where there will be plenty of works open to difference of opinion and comment, social media is brilliant for creating a forum-like environment for discussion.

Through storytelling tools such as Snapchat and Facebook Live, you can either conduct your own interview streams and digital content of a particular event or exhibition to build interest, or share attendees’ photos and videos where they’ve tagged you in.

Storytelling can transform your social media channels.

Reach out to teachers and education bodies

Many of us will recall trips to museums and art galleries as part of school trips when we were younger.

This demographic can be especially important for you to tap into as a museum destination, with potentially hundreds of kids and teachers venturing to your doors from one point of sale.

A beneficial way of interacting with those in the education sector is to post content that is not only highly relevant to them but also links back to your exhibits in some way.

This could include creating lesson plans and project themes that could form an entire programme of work for history or art students to really make the most of their visit.



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