If your plastering business has a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page, you can reach a huge online market. A social media page for your business can significantly increase inquiries and generate new business leads.

All social media networks allow you to create a free company page, which can be used to showcase your company’s work and expertise. To build your company’s reputation on the site of your choice, you must provide them with worthy content in form of posts.

Not sure how to do this? Here are social media post ideas for plasterers.


Give your audience a mental break with a puzzle

As a result of being so busy, self-care routines are often put on the back burner. Try posting a photo that makes your audience pause and thinks instead of posting the usual ceiling work and beautiful walls.

Post puzzles to your feed and Stories with cute graphics and animation. Aside from a sense of accomplishment, there is no prize awarded to those who get it right. While using Instagram Stories stickers to ask questions as well as a gallery post in your feed, you can increase engagement.


Ask your followers to caption one of your photos

Consider posting a photo of your recent plastering work, then ask your followers to match it with a fitting caption that matches the brand’s voice for brands with an established voice. Your content may flow better if you consider some of their suggestions, rather than just writing the caption for the photo provided.


Broadcast How-To Live video

A Live video can be approached in many ways, and it’s really up to you which one is best for your brand. Broadcasting events and conducting interviews are the most common Live video approaches. Try something new by creating an instructional Live video. Answering questions from the answer is possible in the interactive how-to video.


Run a contest or giveaway

Think about this: brands that run contests grow their following 70 percent faster than those that don’t. This is something to consider.

It’s on record that brands’ contest and giveaway-related posts receive a lot of engagement. Social media contests, when done correctly, can result in followers and fans, but they can also attract freebie-hunters, so be cautious. Run an Instagram or Twitter contest once to test the waters and see if it’s something you want to do long-term.


Run a paid campaign

You shouldn’t ignore the benefits of using Instagram’s paid promotion service. As a result, social media as a whole is becoming increasingly reliant on advertising revenue. To attract new customers, you can use Instagram’s eye-catching ad options as part of Facebook’s insanely comprehensive ad platform.


Add product teasers

How often do you introduce new products or services to your followers? Utilize Stories and posts instead of announcing a new product directly. Teaser photos, videos, and question stickers can help build anticipation


Conduct a flash sale in stories

Posting in Stories can be a fleeting experience if you’re not careful. They indeed vanish within a day. Make the most of this opportunity by using Stories for short-term sales campaigns. A flash sale can be anticipated just as it is with teasers or it can be unexpected. As a result, they’re short and encourage a customer to buy so they don’t miss out on the opportunity.

If you have a limited supply of a product or if you’re running a giveaway, this type of post is ideal. The customer is surprised and wants to check out your Stories more often in case you have another flash sale coming up. Increase engagement in your Stories by using flash sales as a marketing tactic.


Incorporate stickers into your posts

It’s not just for Stories that you can use stickers and collages anymore. If you want your feed posts to stand out from the rest, add some fun stickers and other graphic overlays. Colorful, fun, and humorous brands will benefit from this. Stickers are a new Instagram craze that’s taking over. This is a great tool to play with and will only enhance your images if used correctly.


Conduct interviews on stories

An interesting take on social media takeover, this is a good option for anyone wary of handing over the virtual account keys. Storytelling can be used to conduct Q&A sessions with guests. Your followers will be more engaged if you ask them questions and answer them in a new Story Especially on Instagram or Facebook.

Make sure your followers know when to expect interviews and who you’ll be interviewing so they’ll be excited. With the question sticker, you can also add a twist.

Someone else behind the phone should be able to see comments and questions that have been left on the line. If you have an active account, having a second person to moderate it would be very helpful to you.


Go for branded and industry hashtags

Create a hashtag to encourage your followers to share and promote your products.

Use hashtags such as #plasteringtools, #plasteringcontractors, and #plasteringwork to help promote your Instagram account. Adding extra tags to your posts makes them searchable by tag-followers and increases your reach immediately.

There are approximately nine hashtags that generate the most engagement, according to our guide on how to use them across all social media platforms. While it’s possible to use less (or more), the lesson here is that it’s important to at the very least add something to the mix.

You should also take advantage of the hashtag analytics tools that are available. Track and analyze hashtag performance with Sprout to discover what resonates with audiences and optimize hashtag usage!



It can be difficult to come up with new social media post ideas due to the constantly changing Instagram algorithm. We hope that these post ideas have given you some ideas on what to try out for your own business. Facebook live, IGTV, Stories, and Posts are just a few of the content types available for you to market your plastering business. Keep an open mind and don’t get stuck in a rut.

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