Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are being used more than ever to find local services such as plumbers. For those with an online presence – and a commitment to publishing content that engages with followers – this shift to digital has made it easier than ever to connect with new customers. But for those who aren’t quite sure where to start, the world of social media can sometimes seem quite confusing.

We’re here to help. We offer affordable social media management for plumbers to help them show off their expertise, promote their services, and build their client base.

As a plumber, you might be wondering what sort of social media posts you can create that will attract and engage. Here’s a sample of what’s worked for our clients recently:


Share helpful content

You can use your social media profiles to share content from your website and help ensure it’s seen by the most people possible. And one of the best types of content you can share is handy hints for reducing plumber callouts. This might sound like a conflict of interest – after all, you want the business – but it can help to position you as an honest professional that truly cares about your customers. With customers often being wary about being ‘ripped off’ by tradesmen, this sort of post can be a major differentiator.

Help users solve problems – and direct them to your business when they can’t.


Promote good causes

You could also use your social media posts to demonstrate social responsibility, which is becoming a more important factor in the customer decision-making process. As a plumber, you could use your channels to promote clean water charities, fundraise for good causes, or even show how you’re helping to make a difference. Consider joining in with viral fundraising challenges when they come along (remember the ice bucket challenge?) and sharing ideas for how your followers could help support these causes.

Show your plumbing company cares about local good causes.


Showcase your work

Whether it’s replacing drainage pipes or installing a new shower, it’s definitely worth asking your customers if you can take photographs of your projects and work to create visual social media posts and show off your expertise. While some aspects of the job – unclogging toilets, for example – aren’t exactly photo-worthy, there are plenty of plumbing activities that are very visual in nature. If you’re doing installations in wetrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens, for example, these are great jobs to highlight.

Timelapse videos like this one are a great way to show off your skills.


Have fun with memes

Why not use your social media accounts to have a bit of fun? Plumbing isn’t exactly a topic that’s typically associated with light-hearted fun or laughter, but by adding a bit of family-friendly ‘toilet humour’ into the mix, you can show you’re relatable and friendly. Think about sharing memes – or even creating your own memes – that make people smile and make them think about plumbing in a different way. You could even keep an eye out for amusing plumbing-related news stories to share with your followers.

Don’t take social media too seriously – it’s okay to have some fun!


Let the team at 99social assist with social media management – get in touch today to find out more.

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