It says a lot about you as a person that you own a removal company. It means that you possess a specific set of skills, unwavering discipline, and a strong will. It also suggests you’re driven and capable of growing your company to the next level.

Your business, like any other that relies heavily on human interaction, needs to be heard. You have a winning combination if you can get a message out there that is both attention-grabbing and likable.

If you want to take your removal company’s social media to the next level and become a social media powerhouse, try some of these post ideas to get things moving quickly!

Photos of recruits

Interest your followers by sharing photos of the latest recruits to your team. It’s never enough for only “insiders” enjoying the company of new teammates. Even followers need to know who will be working with them should they plan on removing the property from their house, store, or office premises.

Removal day/Move day

Isn’t it true that moves happen rain, shine, or storm? Don’t be discouraged by the weather. Demonstrate that you deliver the same level of service in all weather conditions and that you are enthusiastic about both! There’s always a silver lining, and your removal company might just improve your client’s day, as well as your social media audience.

Customer feedback

Reposting or boasting about a client’s review on your page isn’t wrong in any way! It’s a form of networking. You should scream it from the rooftops when someone takes the time to write a review about your removing service. When you write a review, you’re demonstrating how appreciative you are of feedback and how positive your business is. On social media, positivity, and reviews both sell.

Coolest item removed

We bet you that there aren’t so many removal companies that will think if these social media post ideas. Posting the coolest item you’ve moved is a fun and exciting way to engage your followers.

A great Facebook or Instagram post of a cool TV screen or Piano will create a conversation and brighten the day of your followers. Take advantage of opportunities to touch on the various interests shared by your followers and friends.

Completed Move

It’s never a bad idea to speak about a successful move. Post a picture of yourself driving away from a move or write a status about how your day went. You have complete freedom to be as authentic as possible. Some businesses will talk about overcoming a challenge and how terrific it feels. People want to be motivated, so share your triumphs.

Company News

Have you been featured in a magazine, newspaper, radio advertisement, or television commercial? Send your pals to that location. Tell them how they can help you and how they can become engaged. Your friends will be enthralled by your enthusiasm. When you post your company’s news, identify those who helped make it happen as a way of thanking them and getting clicks their way.

Share interesting facts

You, not your audience, are the moving expert. It is your authority to promote safe moving behaviors, dispel moving myths, and educate your audience one step at a time to demonstrate that you care about them. For example, do some research and give them a removal safety with illustrations if possible. Make them feel as if they are in the know by providing them with unique suggestions.

Pictures of your new truck

It is impossible to overstate the importance of being enthusiastic about simple things. There are just too many advances in life to not notice and be proud of the progress. Post a photo of your new truck on social media and ask your friends to keep an eye out for it on the road. If they see your truck out and about, you could even ask them to honk!

Behind the scenes moments

How does it feel to work for your moving company? Don’t just tell your Facebook and Twitter friends what happens with photos; show them. A dodge ball tournament is a lot of fun, and your audience will most likely wish they could participate. Allow others to witness how much fun you and your team have weekly.


By the time you run a removal company, it means you have a lot to give, in our opinion. You know more about moving than any of your followers, including all of the pitfalls that can arise. Assist your pals. Create a dictionary of moving terms for them to learn, and publish one term a week for a while to keep people coming back to your company pages. This is another opportunity for you to identify yourself as an industry authority in the moving industry.


Even grownups get excited about their birthdays. If you can, celebrate your employees’ milestone years; everyone enjoys a birthday party. Take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate the excitement and commotion that exists both within and outside the workplace.

Before/After Removal pictures

This is a simple way to demonstrate your commitment to excellence. Take a picture of all the objects you need to move in a house and put it on the internet. Take a snapshot and share it once you’ve packed everything up and moved to the new location. Demonstrate your team’s efficiency and ability to complete a move using Facebook stories and Instagram live, whichever you prefer.

Give away contests

A giveaway, promotional offer, or contest is a great way to display your kindness while also reaching out to new people on social media.

You can use media and advertisements to describe the contest and encourage viewers to vote or participate, as seen in this sample image. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible, thus the better your content is, and the more likely it is to attract attention. Make sure you offer a decent price so that people feel driven to tell their friends about your contest.

Bottom Line

Which social media posts have proven to be the most useful to your company? Now is the moment to step up and become a social media guru, not just having a redundant account. Demonstrate your Removal Company’s spirit, build a free brand, and stimulate interest in the community and among friends.

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