Having the right posts or content can be the key differentiator customers use to choose between you and your competitors

Well-tailored posts are so useful, especially when comparing content marketing to traditional marketing it costs 62 percent less and generates three times as many leads.

Not sure what to post on your sauna and spas page? Here’s a start for you.


Tell followers about your business

When it comes to trusting and buying from a brand, buyers value transparency. When people visit your website, they trust that it will show them all of what you offer without having to call or do a lot of research on the internet.

Write about all the amazing sauna and spa services you offer. You should describe your services in detail, along with a description of how each service is performed. Use each article about your service to quickly and effectively inform and answer questions about your service.


Before & After Photos

They are a great way to showcase your skills and brag about the incredible results/transformations that you can achieve for your customers. When used as a visual type of testimonial, before and after photos can help you to sell your business without ever having to worry about having to be direct and pushy towards customers.


Share customer success stories

Your website should include more than just oils, flowers, massage tables, and candles. Success stories need to also feature. For a compelling customer success story, it should be able to address customer’s problems. Demonstrate to the client your brand’s authenticity. Eliminate fears that customers may have about buying from you.

As a bonus, sharing a successful customer story is an easy way to market your brand and show how effective your spa service and staff are.



Most people are visual learners, preferring to skim through images instead of reading rows of text. Visual images such as infographics help break down difficult or detailed data in a visually appealing way that engages and informs readers.

What if I told you that 30 percent of our brains are involved in visual information processing, while only 8 percent of our brains are involved in touch and 3 percent in hearing? Choosing a layout that effectively conveys your information in an impactful way is the key to great infographic design. You can check out some infographic designs at Vector Stock.


Post-Treatment Photos

Similar to before and after photos, post-treatment photos can be used to showcase the services of your sauna and spa. Photos of “post-treatment glow” are especially popular and well-received by current clients and followers. Sharing the final result of treatment, with your client’s permission, will make your followers envious of your skin, and your Instagram DM will be flooding with messages


Spa Staff Highlights

Did you know that a regular employee is more trustworthy than a CEO or manager? An approachable is what people want when they book an appointment. When you feature your spa’s staff, you give your brand a face


Product Reviews

If you have a variety of products you use at the spa, why not reward your customers and include some of your packages as a spa package. Make it possible for customers who book spa treatments and products to take some home with them after their appointments.

It’s possible to write an honest product review on your blog while also offering visitors the option to purchase the products on your website. Links to the brand’s online store are another option.


Behind the Scenes Look(BTSL)

A “behind the scenes” look at your treatments is a great way to excite potential clients and keep existing ones coming back.

Show your followers what’s going on in the salon by posting a photo or video of your sauna or spa room that’s nice lit or a picture of one of your staff members offering a massage to a client. The behind-the-scenes option ate never-ending.


Host Giveaways or Contests

Your spa can benefit by holding a giveaway. Encourage your followers to enter by posting videos of their spa day, pictures, or tips about your services. They can post this on their Instagram story and tag your spa too.

To make the giveaway interesting attach products sat maybe two or three that you can reward the winner who shared the best videos or photos and tips.


Share How-To Guides

Who doesn’t love to read, especially when it’s lifestyle-related content that people are interested in, everyone enjoys a good read one in a while. Somehow, people are drawn to a guide. It gives them the impression that all their problems can be solved in one large piece of content, and sometimes it does, but not always.

It’s been proven that digital consumers research new brands or products on Facebook and Twitter in greater than 40% of cases.

Followers will reach out to you once they’ve engaged with your content


Make a video that answers FAQs

It’s been proven that most consumers desire to see videos from brands and businesses they support. Any brand’s content marketing strategy should include video content.

Why not turn your FAQ page on your website into a video? Why not craft an online video marketing strategy to answer the questions your audience is most likely to have?


Skin Concern Focused content

Post ideas like this are often overlooked, but they make for a great follow-up to your more educational posts. In this way, you’ll be able to reach the people who are interested in a particular skin type, condition, or concern. Professional treatments for dehydrated skin in the colder months or at-home recommendations for aging skin.


Bottom Line

All of these spa social media post ideas can be used to start publishing and posting quality content on your spa’s social media accounts.

If all this seems like a daunting task, consider hiring a content creator or a social media manager to manage your spa’s social media content for you. A little bit of help can go a long way in this situation

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