As a lawyer or a solicitor, it can be easy to think that social media is not for you.

Sure, some of your competitors might have an account on Twitter and Facebook but are they really generating a return on their investment and finding new clients?

Well, in answer to your question, they are. Social media is a great way to expand your brand presence, inform your loyal followers and find new clients – below, we’ve put together some social media post ideas for solicitors and law firms.


Go behind the scenes

One of the best ways to generate engagement on social media is to “go behind the scenes” and let your followers see what you’re getting up to.

Take pictures when you attend events or you’re fundraising in the office, ask your lawyers to record videos where they share tips on law, and let people see what’s really going on in your firm.

By ‘humanising’ your business by letting followers see the staff behind the account, people will be more likely to remember you when they need your services – or, at least, recommend your law firm to their friends and family.

This law firm showed off their achievements with a staff photo


Share tips on your specialism

You know more about the law than most people, so if you want to position your business as an authority and a ‘friendly face’ when times get tough, then sharing tips on your law specialism makes sense.

Perhaps you’re a family law specialist, or maybe you only work with businesses? Share news articles, break down content into ‘everyday speak,’ and always be on hand to answer questions from your followers.

Over time, you’ll build up a reputation for being a friendly and approachable firm, and people will naturally choose you for advice and use your services.

This firm gives tips on writing a will and sends traffic to their own blog.


React to news and events

Not a week goes by without a court case hitting the headlines or a proposed change in legalization, and you’ll no doubt already be on the ball with law news, so post about it on your social media channels.

As we’ve already mentioned, you could add commentary or make it easier for everyday folk to understand, or even write your own blog posts and share those on your channels, too.

Automatically tweeting out news related to your niche may be ‘lazy’, but it keeps your account populated with fresh material if you’re too busy to craft original content.

The faster you are to react to news, the more likely you are to find new followers and appear in Twitter Moments and on Facebook timelines, so set up alerts with news organizations like BBC News and Google Alerts, or consider an RSS feed to automatically post new content related to your niche if you’re too busy to do it on your own.


Start discussions

Social media is all about engagement.

On a slow news day, start discussions with your followers, asking questions like “When did you know you wanted to get a divorce?” or “How has your life changed since you moved into your first property?” Open-ended questions tend to attract the most attention and spark debates, which shows your business as a ‘thought leader’.


Have some fun

Unlike your company blog, not everything on social media has to be corporate and law-heavy.

In fact, going off topic and having some fun can make your social media channels more effective, as people who may not be in need of your services right now will still interact if you tweet along to a TV show like The Apprentice or The Great British Bake Off. Have some fun and let your hair down, taking part in Twitter hours, posting trending content and interacting with your followers.


Wrapping up

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