When designing the social media for your startup business, you want to make sure you get things right from the get-go. Creating a solid base on which to build the rest of your social content is a game-changer for a startup and will soon see your business growing exponentially.

There are a number of options out there to help drive up your engagement, build up those follower counts and see some real marketing gains. If all of this sounds appealing, then settle in as we talk you through some handy hints and tips on how best to run your startups’ socials.

Build trust in your brand

One of the key considerations when deciding how to effectively run your startups’ social media is how to gain that all-important trust. When your business hasn’t been around for as long as other more well-established brands, it can take some time to carve out a name for yourself in the online sphere. However, social media is actually a fantastic place to do this. With millions of people checking their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day, you are able to reach huge numbers in a very short space of time.

One of the ways in which you can build trust in your brand is to post customer testimonials. If you know some of your previous clients had a great experience working with you, then don’t be afraid to ask them to share a few words that you can use to promote your business online! People love to see genuine reviews and comments from others that have interacted with and truly enjoyed using your company.

Share motivational quotes

There is a lot of discussion around the use of motivational quotes on social media, but the facts ultimately remain that these types of posts drive up businesses’ engagement. Posting quotes is a great way that your startup business can inspire others and show them how you got to where you are today. In fact, some research has shown that just reading a motivational quote makes people feel good about themselves! In a world full of negative news, people welcome positive encouragement and will be enticed to follow and share your content with their friends and family. Remember, try to keep your quotes relevant to your businesses’ culture to ensure that everything ties together neatly, and you will add to that strong sense of brand image that is so crucial to success on socials.

Give people a sneak peek of your startup

A way in which you can easily and instantly make people feel more closely attached to your brand is to share some ‘behind the scenes’ type content. Many people are interested in knowing about the whole process nowadays, as it makes companies’ appear more transparent and relatable. How about showing inside some of your offices, or creating some fun content around a day in the life of running your company?  Extra points if you can share some candid snaps of your staff having a great time doing their jobs, as posts with people are some of the most liked and engaged with images on social media!

Show that you care

Showing that you care is essential for a business in the 21st century. As consumers are getting more and more interested in the ethics and culture of the brands that they follow and buy from, it makes sense to capitalise on this. And there are a variety of ways you could go about doing it. For example, if you want to keep it local, try sharing snaps of you helping out around your local community at events or fundraisers. Alternatively, if you want a bit of a wider approach for your business, engage with your followers regarding the kind of issues that matter to them and pledge to donate to charities that are relevant to your brand. This will really give people a sense of trust and closeness around your business.

Deals, deals, deals!

The tried and tested method of boosting engagement and numbers on socials is to promote special offers, deals and discounts. There will always be a place for this type of content on social media, as people will always want to grab a bargain and feel as though they have got a great deal. Promotional content is also a fantastic way for startup businesses to build up more reviews and really get the word out there about their brand quickly and effectively. So, try offering a limited time discount or a special offer for those who follow and re-tweet you, and watch those numbers climb!


If you need assistance with building up your startups’ social media, the team at 99social are always at hand to offer great value expert advice, so get in touch today.

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