As a marketing tool, social media is highly powerful. The way it’s used can either make or break your business. When you post content on social media, It amplifies it into something bigger.

The content that you put out there has to be tailored for your target audience, it must be well articulated and they should be able to like it. (it should be relevant and convincing) so what can you do to achieve this?

For student accommodation companies looking to post on social media but don’t know where to start, this article will help.

Post amazing photos of available accommodations

For your student accommodation social media posts, high-quality images should be a top concern especially if you’ve chosen to use platforms like Instagram or Facebook. For these sites, a photo is the major part of the post, and the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies best here.

Hire a professional photographer to take high-quality images of your apartments, privately rented houses, and rooms, family stays, university management houses among others. Use a range of images and be sure to include any surroundings that could be important, vegetation if there are any, and lifestyle shots of the neighborhood.

Develop a video of the place

Having content on social media is everything. The only thing better than a photo is a video. This is videos are more of live footage, you see everything exactly as it is.

So a video post it idea is something to post on your feed that might help generate engagement on social media.

Video content is an excellent way to engage, educate, and entertain your viewers while driving them to react. According to statistics, videos generate up to 1200 percent more shares than photographs. Create a video of your student accommodation next time you need to post something on your social media profile. And as you grow, you can start your own YouTube channel.


Promote resident events

Resident events are good company post ideas to have in the queue. Post photos of them celebrating new years day, Halloween parties, and Fourth of July picnics. People will love to see how fun it is to be part of your community.


Create a Hashtag

Hashtags make things easier– When you search for a hashtag, you’ll see results for every post that uses that hashtag. Using a hashtag allows you to connect with your target audience(students) while also making it easy for others to find your content.

Most important about hashtags however is that they compel an action. When a person finds a post that piques their attention, they will most likely spend time scrolling through the hashtag’s results.


Write Copy That Is Engaging

Looking to increase your social media engagement? Starting with your copy is a good place to start. Ask your followers questions or issue a call to action to get them involved.


Post Resident Testimonials

Posting resident testimonials on social media is a great way to get free exposure. There’s no better method to promote your student accommodation company than to have present tenants promote it on social media.


Create an Instagram Competition

Creating an Instagram competition is a fantastic accommodation social media post idea for getting your possible occupants interested.

Consider a competition to decorate an apartment. Invite residents to share images of their beautifully adorned apartment, with the requirement that they use your community hashtag or go all out and establish a branded hashtag for the competition.

Residents should be encouraged to like, share, and tag their friends. Choose a winner and announce it on your social media accounts. Make sure to give them a prize of your choice!


Post apartment hacks and ideas

Create a segment on your account dedicated to the apartment, rented rooms, and homestay hacks and tips for an overwhelmingly impressive student accommodation company social media post idea.

Give your viewers something to relate to by giving them unique and useful accommodation information. For example, post an article stating the top 7 hacks on how to decorate your rented room when your budget is small or share a kitchen space-saving technique.

Post testimonials from your website with feedback from residents. Make sure they are brief and to-the-point resident testimonials tailored to your social media.


Show off your company’s culture

Did you know that social media users place transparency third on their list of essential principles when it comes to social media marketing? Include company culture and principles in your social media feed to increase your social media transparency.

Additionally, consider publishing images of new employees and employee accomplishments. Similarly, put amusing footage of staff at work in your story. These examples will assist you in communicating your company’s culture to your target audience.


Plan a resident takes over

Hosting a resident “take over” on social media could be a fun social media idea for apartment buildings. You’d appoint a local (preferably one with a large following) to manage your social media for the day.

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