Digital marketing is the future of advertising. If you have a taxi company, your demographic is certain to be on social media. Whether you’re a luxury concierge service or a pool share taxi company, social media is an asset that will give you a higher ROI and increase brand awareness.

We know social media can be tricky, especially coming up with industry-specific content to keep your audience engaged. We’re giving you five social media post ideas to incorporate into your digital strategy to grow your online presence and reach your target demographic.


Share City Specific Advice

If your taxi company operates in a town or city, you can make it the focal point of your social media graphics and content. Tourists are always looking for tips and tricks about a city before visiting. Creating this style of content can put you on their radar. You can create city-specific graphics, incorporating its most iconic landmarks to catch your audience’s attention.

Focus on sharing value-added and educational content that makes your audience excited to go out and explore the city. You want to make it feel informed instead of being a direct advertising post. Don’t worry, you can still mention your taxi service! You could highlight two similar spots in a city, like Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace in London, and then tell your audience how long it would take in a taxi to go between the two.


Introduce Your Drivers

You can humanise your taxi company and stay out from the mainstream competition by showing the drivers behind your service. Behind the scenes content is some of the best performing forms of digital marketing, as it pulls back the curtains and gives your audience an insight into your company.

This content could include direct-to-camera scripted videos, introducing your drivers with fun facts about their job. You can even take inspiration from the iconic Vogue 73 Questions series and do a quick-fire round of questions with your drivers. You can ask them about their favourite routes, stories about their job, and what they love about your city.

You can carry this theme across your social media by using your drivers for your general marketing material. Head out with a driver for a day and get action photos of them driving and greeting customers. Stock photos are easy to spot, especially if they don’t fit in with your overall theming. Your audience will get used to seeing your drivers featured in your content, and it can help you stand out from the crowd.


Reward Loyalty with a Promo Code

Keep your audience interested by rewarding their loyalty with a promo code. You can offer a flash discount at peak times on your social media, encouraging your followers to book a taxi instead of jumping on the bus or grabbing a train. If your audience knows that you sometimes offer discount codes on your social media, they’ll keep checking back any time they need to book a taxi. You can change it up and offer one every few weeks or for specific events, like Valentine’s Day.


We hope these tips make it easier for you to plan your social media content. Remember – you want to introduce your brand to your audience and show them what makes you different. Creating unique content will keep your audience engaged and boost brand awareness. 

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